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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all i am new to this forum business so please bare with me. I have a 3.5 efi and can’t for the life of me work out how the ecu knows wich injector to open. I know it picks up a pulse off the coil that comes from a halleffect sensor on the dizzy. But all the ecu recives is 8 identical pulses? How does it know to squirt on say cylinder 7 and not on say cylinder 2
  2. Hi all, Firstly, let me apoligize if this has been covered elswhere, but I don't really know what to search for. Aaaaanyway, after fiddling with the electrics on my LHD D2 td5 (`99) the car won't respond any more, and I get the attached display in the dash. There are no other issues (as far as I can tell) and I have no clue as to how to proceed. The fiddling was me trying to figure out why my LH headlamp dipped beam wasn't working, so I extracted the under-dash fusebox and started measuring things. After reassembling everything, the headlamps worked fine, but the ECU/BCU (or somesuch) had decided to become unresponsive. Central locking, key-fob etc. are all dead, and when turning the key to pos2 I get 6 "bings" and the odd B-with-a-slash in the display. So now I have a 2 tonne lump sitting in the carport :-(
  3. hello everyone reading this right I have started a bit of a project and I'm after a bit of advice.? under the drivers seat I have a black wabco ecu, after some googling I think this is the abs ecu. on each wheel I have hub speed sensors but I cant seem to find a abs module/pump. my questions are: has someone simply removed the pump ?/ or if this is the normal set up what influence does this have on the car if the spedo head is supplied by the gearbox output sensor? thanks!
  4. I have a 1999 td5 Defender and it won't start but turns over. My nanocom say the ECU is immobilised and entering the EAK code don't work. The 10AS communicates with the ECU and the wiring is perfect. The ECU won't enter the injector codes and keeps reverting back NEW statue and immobilised. Can the ECU be programmed whilst immobilised? Can I fit the later 2006 ECU to this truck and whats the draw backs etc.
  5. 2007 110 TDCI, no immobiliser alarm fitted, turn key tried to start then cut out, temp gauge to max and battery light on, tried relays, fuses, disconnect battery, fully charged battery. Even the garage is scratching their head, tried all options for 4 days any ideas would help?
  6. Does anyone know whether the ECU on a Puma TDCi can be interrogated to see what the driving style history is? An acquaintance of mine recently bought a second-hand but relatively recent Porsche, and had an independent inspector check them over. He was able to tell that 2 of them (contrary to what the seller was saying) had been on track days and had the nuts revved off them.
  7. Hi, I started to make a switchable "emergency reserve" ECU from a NNN500020 for our trips. I will change the 29f200 to 29f800 and put 4 different softwares for 4 different model (EU2 Defender, EU2 Disco, EU3 Defender, EU3 Disco) to the switchable 4 banks. I have the EU3 dumps for Defender and Disco, but didn't find any EU2 softwares. For the project I need full 29f200 dumps (with the full software content, not only the maps) for Defender: NNW501350 / STHLE 022 STTLP 010 (or NNW501340 / STHLE 022 STTLP 010) and for Discovery: possible dump of NNW501240 / STHDE 021 STTDP 010 (or NNW501270 / STHDR 009 STTDP 010) Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, mzs
  8. my cruise control stopped working a while ago, and I've finally got round to having a look at it. i ran through a load of diagnostic tests that i got from somewhere and basically narrowed it down to the ECU being faulty. so i just took the ECU out, opened it up and found what i think is a blown capacitor am i right in thinking thats the case? is it possible i could replace the offending component and it'll work again or is it totally knackered?
  9. I am having real issues with the ECU on a '03 TD5 defender. It started with a hose out of the vehicle interior, after which the engine would fire but would not rev. I replaced the pedal and TPS thinking it must be that, but alas, no. I think I have narrowed it down to the ECU. It is the NNN000120 ECU that is fitted. I tried one from another '03 TD5 defender which was NNN50020 but it won't even start with that one on. Where do I get a suitable replacement ECU? What part number ECU do I need? Should I just be able to plug it in and go or do I need some kind of diagnostics machine? Please help as I am totally stuck.
  10. Hello, all, from Nairobi. I am American recently relocated to Kenya where I bought, sight unseen, a big black 2005 Defender TD5 that my wife and kids promptly christened, "The Tank." I have been suprised by the Defender's lack of low-end torque and power, especially noticeable in rough and hilly Nairobi. More than once I have been embarrassed when forced to stop on a steep hill. Partly, I know, it's a question of driving technique--I am learning to downshift at the drop of a hat and generally thrash the engine to keep the revs up. But I would like to see what I can do to get a little more "oomph" at low RPM. I would be interested in suggestions for upgrades--ECU, intercooler, etc.--especially those proven in fairly demanding, high-altitude settings like Kenya. So far, I have found South African firm Dastek that makes a Power Plug and Power Cooler for Defender TD5 and I'd welcome feedback about the company or the products. I have found just a few references to Dastek and Terrafirma products and would love to hear some first-hand experience. Thanks and regards, Matthew
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