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Found 20 results

  1. Hi guys! Hippo needs rescue. Please help! Freelander 2004, TD4, manual. 93k. I keep getting the same code P1190- Fuel Rail Pressure Plausibility. Car starts limping usually in second and third gear around 2k revs +/- I tried many things already, cleared the code, but so far it keeps coming back when I go for a ride..... UNLESS I disconnect the fuel rail pressure sensor. Without the sensor connected the car doesn't limp anymore. Code comes with MAF disconnected for example. Injectors are fine. I do get live readings of 350+Kpa for LP and 26k+ at idle for HP pump, which
  2. Hi Folks, newbie to forum and first time Land Rover owner here. This week I bought a 2003 Freelander Kalihari 1.8 decked out in Borrego Yellow (paint code 757 shown on vin plate). To say the least it does stand out especally as it doesn't have either 'AA' or 'BAA Gatwick' plastered all over its sides! This appears to have always been in private ownership so someone ordered it like this. My question is how many where made for private use in Borrego Yellow and how rare is it now?
  3. When in normal mode my 2.2 2012 Freelander 2 judders when I get to around 30, 40 and 50 mph. It lasts 4 to 5 seconds. When in sports mode it doesn't seen to do it, which makes me think its something to do with the transmission control module. I towed a caravan with it and it made no difference to the problem. Its done 65,000 miles and FSH, I've only had it two weeks. Has anybody had similar problems? Thanks, Greg.
  4. Hello gents and ladies, I'm Dan, been on the road 5 years on sportsbikes and finally bit the bullet and decided to drive as well as ride. Due to specific reasons, I've ended up with a deposit down on a Land Rover 2 TD4 2007, diesel. One concern really, any reason why on earth the "LAND ROVER" is more like "LANDROVER" on the front of the car. Little bit concerned. Don't know if it's silly.
  5. Hi I have a 2003 Freelander TD4 BMW diesel with an issue that's driving me mad ! It had a leaky High Pressure fuel pump (Bosch CP1) so I removed this and replaced the seals. Everything seemed fine for a few days, however thereafter once hot and under load the engine will hesitate, EML will come on and it runs poorly. Switching off resolved the problem until hard acceleration again. Diagnostic had thrown up : Low fuel pressure, MAF and fuel pressure regulator. All of these have been replaced including MAP sensor, fuel rail regulator loom, turbo boost control valve, inlet manifold clean etc a
  6. Hello All,I have recently accepted a job in Antananarivo, Madagascar, and would like to ship a 4x4 out with me so that I can explore the island. I will be working in the capital, where the roads are OK. The main roads out to the provincial capitals are tarmac and OK but the majority of the island is covered by dirt roads that disintegrate into a muddy mess during the rainy season. I will also likely do some driving on the beach on surf trips. Below is an image from a typical rural road, taken in 2015: I am based in London. Importing a RHD vehicle into Madagascar is illegal, so I need a LHD. Fo
  7. Hello All, I have a 2004 Freelander SE KV6 Automatic that is not feeling well. Both service lights are on. When driving, it will drive normally (quite well actually) for anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes, then a flashing F - 4 code on the LCD with the HDC warning lights lit up. The transmission goes into single speed limp mode. I've done a fair bit of googling regarding the problems which has lead me to suspect that it is an electrical / communications problem or a sensor problem that is bringing down the network. Suspects range from the brake switch to the ECU cooling fan
  8. Hello.... I have a three year old Freelander (black, auto diesel) which is a great car and I have been very happy with it. I have the car on a PCP lease deal that is now ending and I can either repay the £11K residual or use as a part down payment for another new car. I cannot afford a new LR. My dilemma is whether to keep the car (paying off the residual) or getting rid of it. I am uncertain if the car will hold a good value in perhaps another three or four years and whether the car will potentially start to cause problems now that the warrantee is finishing. Decisions - decisions!!!! Any ad
  9. hi, want to change my glow plugs, light does come on in mornings, but takes two or three turns of key to heat them up, otherwise starts fine. only usualy on in mornings as engine temp ok during day. have bought glow plugs and tried to change them thinking easy enough job, but not sure where they are. these are either injectors, glow plugs or both lol, are the glow plugs hiding under these brown and black plugs? did remove the two nuts, lost one DOH!, easy to put another one in its place tomorrow, but didn't take the cover with the four tubey bits off, have noticed in pic found online th
  10. I have just purchased a Freelander 1 (I think Facelift) 2005 Sport Prem. It includes the Harman Kardon sub in the boot, the amp under passenger seat and extra speakers etc. The problem I have, is some idiot previously removed the "standard" stereo from this model, and replaced it with a Landrover Visteon Single CD Unit and absolutely butchered the loom!! The stereo connector is the Harman Kardon connection: YMQ500220 I've attached pictures of the mess, but I'm wondering if anyone can provide me with a photo of their connector end, or even better provide a wiring diagram / wiring color code
  11. Hello i am new to the whole forum thing but i really need your help. I have a 2004 Land Rover Freelander. I changed it's battery and now my radio tells me that i need to insert a code. Please can you help me because i really don't know what to do ? My cd player is a Visteon. It was made in portugal and has the following serial keys: PART NO: 4CFF-18C838-AB SERIAL NO: M075837 MODEL: FL3 CD EUROPE LAND ROVER PART NO: VUX500150 Thank you in anticipation ! Sorry for my english i am 49 years old ...
  12. Hi, just wondering if any one could help me diagnose what is wrong with my TD4 (2002) I have had no problems with it until the weekend. as I was driving once it got to 30mph there seemed to be no pull and like the power wasn't there. it did gain speed but very slowly. as I was taking it to the garage on Monday it cut out and the engine management light came on, I had it towed but once it got there it started first time and there was no engine management light... I am a bit useless when it comes to knowing about anything like this (I have to admit I rely on my dad and if he's not about what th
  13. Hi, hoping someone can diagnose a vibration/drumming sound. On my 2000 1.8 there is a strange pulsating vibration only between 30 and 40mph, more obvious when uner load ascending a hill. The noise seems to be coming from under the middle/front of the vehicle. Initially i thought it was the VCU prop` shaft bearings, but these have just been replaced (along with the damper ring), with FAG type and correctly lined up. My mechanic friend then found play in the O/S/R wheel bearing and this was replaced but the noise persisted. The vehicle shows no other signs of component failure (IRD, VCU, diff
  14. Hi, I would love to hear any feedback you may have with my problem...it is a long story but will try to keep it as short as I can! Basically my freelander (04 plate) TD4 was playing up ... lumpy, losing power, knocking...I took it to a Landrover specialist who told me I needed 1 injector replacing, they did the work and told me when I went to pick it up that another injector may need changing, however it wasn't urgent and was so minor it didn't show up on the diagnostics. When I drove the car home (after paying for the new injector) I found the car to be exactly the same as before, I rung t
  15. Landrover TD4 HSE 05 I've got a split in this hose (the one with the pathetic looking gaffa tape) http://i.imgur.com/chETnd0.jpg My garage is telling me they would replace it with http://www.lrdirect.com/PNH500190-Hose-Air/?sfi=PNH500190 But Surely I only need change the damaged part which looks to me like.. http://www.lrdirect.com/PNH000020-Hose-Intercooler-To-Turbo-Td4/?sfi=PNH000020 What bit do I need??? Cheers!
  16. Hi Guys and Girls, I have an issue with my 05 freebie Td4 which has done 95000 miles. She is rough idling at around 750rpm and is smokey (white) when cold, does not stall but is hunting. when warmed up she runs fine, I have noticed that when I disconnect the high pressure fuel sensor she stops hunting, I have no warning lights or codes in the OBD, but my interrogator only shows a limited live stream. Will a dealer/independents OBD interrogator be able to distinguish between healthy or blocked injectors and or sensors if there are no fault codes from the ECU? I have replaced all filters i
  17. Hi to all freelander owners! I have a Td4 freelander of 2001 and i have a stange problem. in most off cases this happens when i turn on my car in the morning and continues for maybe 2 or three hours. my car turns off suddenly in parking in the road and everywhere and this happens maybe 20 or 30 times in 60 minutes. i changed the fuel tank pump but still happens. thank you in advance for your opinions and help.
  18. I need code for vdo car radio on my freelander. Serial no. is RG597W11070559
  19. I just bought a 2001 Freelander TD4 for almost nothing. Zero history came with it and hasn't been driven for 2 years but has 12 months MOT/Tax. The clock reads 48k, the condition of the body and interior screams 3x that figure. My problem is that whilst it drives OK, it makes a low howling noise that sound like wind blowing into a hole in trim or bodywork somewhere. (I had that on wing mirror indicator lens on another car and it sounded very similar). The sound only happens when I drive over 30MPH and is only evident when I back off the throttle over 30MPH. If I accelerate hard to 50-60 or
  20. Hi all, First post, and first Freelander. 2003 1.8 Kalahari which needs a new fuel pump - common problem, I know. The Freelander has the later fuel pump, which by the book is part number WFX000210. This fits 1.8 for 2003-2006, and 2.5 v6 2001-2006. Would be easiest to just buy one of those new and fit. However, I have a good offer on a WFX000190, which by the book only fits 2.5 v6 2001-2002. However, since you can also fit the WFX000210 to the 2001-2002 v6, the differences must be very minor - in fact I can't see any at all from photos! Anyone know the differences? Is there a chance these
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