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Found 10 results

  1. Hi I have a Land Rover 101 with a RR 3.9 EFi in it (not my conversion, it's the way i got it) so I'm posting this question here as it's an engine issue I'm experiencing. The vehicle ran fine a week ago when I parked it up and went out today to use it and it won't start. It spins over nicely so first I checked i'm getting spark by holding the HT coil lead to ground (nice spark) and put a plug tester into one of the plug leads (nice bright light). A squirt of easy start will let it run for a second or two so I assume the ignition is OK and therefore it's a fuel issue. Previously you could hear the pump prime for a few seconds when the ignition was turned on and now I don't hear that. The pump works fine when I hook up a +12v to it, but when the I try to start it with this +12v connected it still won't run, so something is telling the engine that it shouldn't go. Just to confuse matters after a bit of prodding and poking it did run again, so I let it run while I started packing up my tools and then after a minute or two the engine stalled / died and hasn't started since. I'm wondering what simple diagnostic steps I can take to get this sorted, or at least get a little closer to finding the problem. My main issue is that this is a non-standard engine for this vehicle and has been DIY installed and hence any wiring diagrams may not reflect reality! Thanks all Steve H
  2. custom fuel tank + MS = which external fuel pump for my 3.9?
  3. Am hoping someone can help. I have a 96 discovery 4.0 that started a couple weeks back of intermiitently not idling. It ran good as lonng as you kept your foot on the gas. A week ago it left my wife stranded. It just died going down the road. The fuel pump was not working. I took the pump out and it worked fine. I put it back in, and it ran for about 10 minutes, then no power to the fuel pump again. The filter seems to be ok, but I cannot figure out why the fuel pump keeps quitting. I checked the voltage, and thats where the problem is, It quits sending voltage to the pump after a while. Please Help!
  4. I wrote an article with HD pics on how to replace the fuel pump on your Land Rover LR2. Here is the link: http://landroverhelp.blogspot.com/2014/11/how-to-change-fuel-pump-on-your-land.html Enjoy!
  5. Hi, Has anyone tried the fuel pump mod on a 300tdi EDC auto which involves adding a variable resistor ? Can anyone point me to a good write-up ?
  6. Hi guys, I have a bit of a problem with my Defender 90 TD5. At first the fuel pump was making it's loud noise, this was for like 2 days or so. On the third day after I parked up the car, it wouldn't start afterwards. When the key is in the ignition, the fuel pump makes it's noise. I thought it might be the filter, so I replaced it. However, it still won't start after having purged it a number of times. The fuel was running pretty low before it stopped working, so I've now added 5L, but that hasn't seemed to help either. Have you guys had this problem? Any way of telling what it might be? Thanks a lot for taking a look!
  7. Does anybody know about the santana ps10 and the 2.8iveco engine ? I have fuel pump failure and I can not find out where the pump is from I was told a freelander pump would fit but ive tried and no joy. Could anybody shed any light on this little problem.
  8. HI all latest stunt pulled by my previously super reliable 2004 130 is refusal to start following fuel filter change. Started first time after change and ran happily on tickover for 5 mins. Next day from cold - cranking away without a hint of firing. I can hear the pump and the relay and have tried purging. The only symptoms I can see - burning on relay connection (see photo) and the pump seems to cycle, runs for about a minute, stop, and then run again. I have tried replacing the relay - any ideas anyone ?
  9. I recently had a Britpart fuel pump fail on me. Interested to what I would find inside, I decided to cut it apart. This is what I found. I was actually quite surprised. The general quality of construction is quite reasonable. The rubber in the diaphragm and valves is of good quality. However, what caused it to fail was the filter on the inlet clogging up. I have come across TDi fuel pumps with a removable cover that houses an inlet filter. This one was not removable so you cannot clean it without cutting the pump open. So my conclusion: Sure, use a Britpart fuel pump, but fit something like this on the inlet to keep the internal filter clean.
  10. Anyone got any ideas on why my fuel system isn't pressurising?? It's a doner Rover 3.5 V8 twin carb lump in a Hilux MK3. The fuel pump isn't cutting out once the pressure has built up. I have flushed the tank, installed new fuel pick up pipes, put new jubilee clips on all hose joins, installed new inline fuel filter / fuel regulator / T for fuel pressure gauge. I've tried clamping the line before the carbs and the pump slows down but doesn't stop. The pump is a facet fuel pump that a mate gave to me and said it was a decent one but I couldn't be sure.... Possible pump fault..? Is there a way to check? Any other ideas...?
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