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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am having issues with the BCU, no interior lights etc. Had leaking sunroofs ( dead receiver) and broken door lock shaft. All these now resolved. If I need to replace the Fuse board/IDM where is the part number on it? Taken out top bolt, lifted and rotated but not obvious. Want to get a spare fuse box, so can eliminate that from the faults. Peter
  2. Hi all, My mates 2004 td5 defender has had a major electrical failure. His dipbeam, rear demister, dials/speedo etc, electric windows and air con have all suddenly died. We have checked fuses and relays and they are all good. Does anyone know if these are connected or what I could check next? Thanks for all your advice!
  3. I recently bought the above and the wipers have never returned to home on their own. Then today the fuse went on the wiper and washer. Could the park switch have gave up the ghost and caused this or could it be something else? Any help would be appreciated. Also how much of the dash do you need to remove to gain access? Had a look today but seemed a bigger job than time allowed. update: Both the functioning of the wiper AND pressing the washer switch button is blowing the fuse.
  4. Hi Folks, Putting the fuse box back onto my defender 1997 300 Tdi Noticed that the label on the rear of the fuse cover indicates a different fuse size for fuse number 4 to that shown in the workshop manual. Label suggest 15A and manual suggests 10A Wondering if folk could shed some light on why there is a difference? Simon...
  5. Morning all I am trying to trace an electrical gremlin on my 110. There is a battery isolation switch which is turned off when the vehicle is parked, and across this is a fused link to keep alive the radio memory and allow side lights parking at night. The problem is that this fuse has started blowing for no apparent reason. I swapped out the 10 amp fuse for a 30 amp with the same result. The concern is that when diving along with the isolator closed, there could be an intermittent short circuit. The engine bay fuses are all intact, and nothing blows in the cabin fuse box, so
  6. Probably not what Dan had in mind for the "Special Projects" forum but I thought it kinda fitted the description. As I've found myself wiring various vehicles over the years, it's always struck me that the available fuseboxes are never quite right - they don't hold enough fuses, or they are a pain to mount, or they are huge, or it's not easy to get power in to all of the circuits, etc. etc. So, while waiting for my code to compile, I had a go with the crayons and knocked up something to see how it turned out. Built up with some fuses fitted: Added feature - fuse blown LED indicators:
  7. HI all I've had a quick browse through the old posts but couldn't find anything similar to this problem. Our 1998 L-series 2.0 diesel Freelander stalled as Mrs Blip pulled away from traffic lights after a long journey. It wouldn't restart - it would turn over and over and we checked all the fueling problems and couldn't spot anything wrong. Further investigation spotted that the glow plug lamp wasn't illuminating - the 70amp fuse hadn't just blown but melted. The engine management light fuse in the cabin fuse box had also blown. After replacing this, all was well and the car started firs
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