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Found 3 results

  1. I’m a new Defender owner and have a lot to learn. The truck has been fully serviced and inspected. Mechanic said she is in good shape. My current issue seemed to happen overnight. When I try to shift into 1 or reverse after starting up the stick is blocked from going in. When I turn off the truck and shift it slides in easily. I was told sometimes you need to “reset” the 4x4 stick to open the pathways but it doesn’t seem to work. I have set the 4x4 to the off position. Any ideas or tips would be appreciated!
  2. I know it's another tyre question but I've been searching on here for an answer that would be understood by a numb nut like me but.... On defender 90 now I have standard issue 5.5inch wide steels with 205/80 r16's. I would like to change to 235/85 r16s (on new wider rims) I understand this will affect the gear ratio etc but what I want to know is will it affect it so drastically that I would need to do something about it? And if so what? If it's a big deal I would prob just stick to what I have! I just prefer tyres a bit more substantial.
  3. I have an ex-MOD Defender 90 and having real difficulty with the High and Low gears........to the extent that i can't tell which one i am in or more worryingly when i put it in Low (or what i think is Low), i can then no engage the normal gears, so can't basically go anywhere..... any suggestion welcome Thanks
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