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Found 6 results

  1. Has anyone on here removed the front diff from a Defender or Disco without splitting the CV joint? Can I just remove the outer joint complete with inner half shaft to slip the diff out? I just don't want to have to buy loads of gaskets and refill the cv with oneshot grease. Is it possible? Or is there a circlip that forces me to split the CV in order to pull the half shafts out far enough for the diff to clear its exit from the housing? Many thanks fellow DIY home mechanics. I have all the gear to reset the diff and shim preload pressure/dial gauge etc, and am trying to cut costs at every corner here. The diff has thrown the drive pinion bearing so needs removing but the rest of the train is OK.
  2. Morning chaps, I got in the car this morning (2002 TD5) and started driving and soon after I hear a periodic smacking/clunking sound as if something attached to the wheel was hitting the underside of the car. the sound then suddenly stopped and the car then violently drifted to the right and then felt as if the front right tire was flat, so I pulled over and saw the tire was absolutely fine. I started driving again slowly and there was low grinding noise coming from somewhere in the drive train when in gear and coasting in neutral. My guess is the front right half shaft or wheel bearings have gone? On Monday I'm borrowing a mates lift so I'll be able to spin the wheels to try and find out where the sound is coming from. Any insight in the meanwhile is much is appreciated.
  3. The half shafts on the lightweight project are a bit worn, and as I have the axles stripped I was thinking of replacing them. Who makes decent lightweight halfshafts? Is it Landrover only, or do bearmach/bluebox/allmakes do decent ones? And how do I stop the wear in the future? Is ASP any good, or moly? Or peening them before fitting them?
  4. Hi all, Pleae can you guys sanity check my diagnosis and offer a bit of advice. Had a mate call me today, his 1996 90 had made a "really bad crunching sound" while reversing out of a parking space. Several feet later he lost all drive. Engaging diff lock he was able to limp home but said there were some intersting noises from the rear axle. He just brought it around to my house and I found the following: When the handbrake is on and the rear is jacked up, both rear wheels can be turned at the same time. There is a lot of "crunchy" noises coming from the rear diff. I decided to pull one of the rear halfshafts (short one). This came out fine and I can see the end of the other halfshaft through the axle which is rotating when the rear wheel is turned. When I tried to put the halfshaft back in, something was sopping it being pushed all the was home. Using a torch, it looked like there was something in the way. With a bit of poking using a long rod, this then dissapeared with a clunk and the halfshaft went back in OK. From this I am guessing that both of the halfshafts are OK and the diff is totally shot. Does this sound plausible? If it is the diff, the good news is he has a spare! I've never replaced one of these before but assume the procedure is as follows: Drain axle. Remove both halfshafts Remove rear prop from diff flange Remove bolts and pull out the diff. Clean the case and then reassemble using the replacement unit. I'm guessing we'll need a new diff to axle case gasket, some sealant, oil and it will be wise to fit a new pinion seal to the replacement diff. Any advice would be appreciated as it looks like I'm starting work on it tomorrow morning
  5. Hi all, At a recent pay and play, I knackered my rear diff. Had to drive it home from the site, so it's done a few miles since being broken. I've just got round to starting to strip it down. First worry was when I remove the diff drain plug, and all that came out was 3 drops of water and a big lump of mud(yes, it definitely had oil before). Not good! I've managed to remove the long halfshaft without a problem, found the splines on it are twisted. The short halfshaft however will not come out for love nor money. I've tried yanking on it, trying twine through the holes and yanking on that, using 2 crowbars to pry it out. Have also tried passing a metal rod through the axle casing from the other side and hitting that, but it's not budging. I can get it to move out about 10mm with ease, then it stops. The only successful solution for the rear I have read on here seems to be towing it out with a car Have also tried slackening the diff nuts to allow me to get a slightly different angle on it, to no avail. I've read elsewhere that a slidehammer might do the job, but surely smashing it with a steel rod through the axle casing would have done the same?! Also read about cutting the diff pan off, but that really is a last resort as I would have to pay to get a new one welded on. Any ideas? Jack
  6. All, Can anyone point me to a replace-my-defender-110-rear-halfshaft photo tutorial please? TY
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