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Found 10 results

  1. Any recommendations for a company to carry out a top end overhaul on my 200Tdi? Looking for a reputable and experienced place to remove head, check, overhaul and replace. Proactive maintenance as coming up to 140K miles. I believe Elring composite head gasket is the way forwards. Any experience of just buying a recon head from Turners as a short cut? Thanks in advance for any pointers Rob
  2. Hi there all. My 300tdi got some issue recently, been reading all the threads but none seem to match exactly.. The disco got 180000 on clock, but engine was from a range with less mileage. Has always run well over last 7years. Took it to spain couple of years ago, up the Sierra Nevada 3000m skiing. Was bloody cold! At that point I had semisynthetic GTX oil in to cope with the cold.. on leaving the Sierra a few days parked at sub zero C. It smoked blue like a smoke machine for a little while.. Downhill steep. Totally cleared in 10min. it has since been getting a little more smoke over time. Untill it completely covered the hole car in blue smoke!! Could see nothing at a junction. My workshop was round the corner.. Power was fine. More smoke when accelerating.. While running took oil filler cap off.. Lots of pressure. Little smoke. Checked cyclone was working fine.. Oil dripping out of exhaust joint after turbo. the next day I degreased engine and drove it into workshop. Definitely little smokey but not as badly as before, also no pressure at oil filler any more..? Turbo: took hoses off. Little play side to side but no fire and aft. So fine as per gencoe website. While running, no oil on cold side. removed manifolds: no oil in inlet manifold, none in exhaust.. Slight oily gasket at cylinder 4 Started engine without manifolds.. Engine cold, this is the next day.. oil started collecting in all four exhaust ports?!? The rear two it was puddling quite soon... I started to remove head.. I know now I should have done a compression test, but don't have a tester.. to my surprise the gasket seems to be in good condition..??!!? Still see crosshatch on bores. That's as far as I've got.. Btw first real engine work for me, apart from my scooter rebuild 20 years ago.. Will clean it all up today find a straight edge and check head flatness.. What next?? Could it be piston rings? Or valve seals/guides? How to check.. anything else..? All comments appreciated.. Well.. DD
  3. Hi, I've just brought a Disco 1 to put back on the road no history at all and its covered 160,000, first job is head gasket, blowing coolant out of exhaust. I've removed the head with no problems and inspected the gasket to find its blown between 2 and 3 cylinders. I've also noticed its got no holes to indicate thickness. After reading some other posts it seems the 3 hole is most common gasket! Should I just order a gasket with no holes and hope for the best? Or how easy is it to work out required thickness by measuring top of piston protruding the block. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
  4. Evening Chaps, I am currently pretty much at my witts end trying to get the cam drive sprocket on to the cam. I've just had to change the head and followed the rave manual except for where it says use specialist tool xxx Being the pikey sort of fellow I am I don't have the correct (read any) specialist LR tools for releasing the cam chain tension, or setting the cam position. Whgat I did do was mark the cam, the cam bearing cap and the sprocket and made sure I haven't turned the engine. Domestic management helped guide the cam tensioner into the head which didn.t go well at first then it all seemed to click into place. The problem I now have is there seems to be too much tension and I can't figure how to get the sprocket onto the cam. It seems to need to move about 5 mm closer so I can get it on - basically what I am asking is am I being a girls blouse or is it more likely the tensioner has gone back together wrong? I'm pretty sure I know what the answer is going to be, but anyone with any experience/advice or fancies doing a range rover diesel head gasket in the bristol area I would look forward to hearing from you!!! Suddenly the push rod TDi engines seem quite user friendly!! thanks Matt
  5. Well here is my story so far. I recently bought a 1998 V8 range rover 4.6 ,because to me that model is the quintessential range rover. But not had much luck with it I bought it just over a month ago. And it began overheating straight away. Poor selection of car on my part but that's another story. So far i have had the heads skimmed new gasket, replaced the thermostat. The water pump looks like it's been replaced recently. All this work was done at a garage by guys i know so confident in there work. One of them have suggested taking the heads of again and doing a pressure test on the engine. As much as I want to just get it all running right i must think about costs of work to value of car. So here's my question has anyone got any ideas what to look at next before I start taking the heads of again.
  6. Hi all, I have a defender 200tdi with original engine. c 190K Got some blue smoke then lots of white smoke close to home. When I pulled the head off the No:1 glow plug took about half an hour to remove. It was stuck pretty well in there with black carbon depositson teh sides. No:1 piston was soaked in water too so assumed gasket failure near to that piston. So replaced the gasket as per the instructions from the tech section hereand checked the head for distortion there seemed to be none as it did not overheat so cleaned it up, lapped the valves replaced the caps & the valve retainers and the valve stem seals and reset the tappets. No:1 pushrod was also very slightly bent so that was replaced too. Reconnected all the pipework and pumped the diesel till it reached the spill rail. Tried starting it up but was very difficult but eventually it started - water was dripping from the exhaust for a while and grey smoke but not too bad. I took it for a short run to clear whatever carp might still be in the exhaust system and after it warmed up - no more smoke at all while running in high or low revs in any gear. Today I tried starting it up and had to hand pump the diesel through again to get it to start. It eventually reluctantly started and was smokey - grey smoke. so went for a longer run and the smoke cleared once it warmed up. I have noticed that the No1 glow plug is leaking what looks like watery oil near its thread and i thin the water level had dropped since yesterday but thought it might just be settling after the run so i will double check that tomorrow after I refill. I am also checking the fuel pipes for leaks. Logically I am assuming that the head gasket is good since it reaches temperature at which point the exhaust smoking ceases completely! If this were not the case then it would smoke even after running temperature was reached. I would like to know whether the water jacket or oil ways in the cyl head pass near the glow plug and would I be right in assuming that I do in fact have a cracked head in an unusual place ( i did visually check!) Sorry about this being a long post ! any advice would be gratefully received - thanks
  7. Hi Everyone, The head gasket has gone on my 300tdi... Now looking at the identification holes, it seems obvious that there is only one hole. Only, looking at it there is clearly another hole (red arrow): Are the holes normally close together? Please help...! Cheers, Mike
  8. Hi First post so here we go. We have a 2001 Disco TD5 which has done 105,000 miles. We were towing a trailer when the engine cut out, upon lifiting the bonet the left hand side of the engine bay was covered in oil and the engine had overheated. RAC man said head gasket, however the garage (LR specialist) has taken the head off and the gasket is almost new and the head is spotless and the oil cooler appear fine also. There is oil in the water but no water in the engine. We have only had this vehicle for a couple of months and it looks like the previous owner has also had the problem, tried to sort it, failed and then sold it to us. The garage are saying, put a new engine in but I hate not knowing what the issue is. If any one can help it would be greatly appreciated, I am not that technical so please be kind. Happy to supply further info if I can. Thanks in advance J
  9. suspect head gasket/head gone, going attempt it myself with a little help from my brother, Does anyone have any experience with attempting this??? or can offer any advise other than dont??? lol. i was in 2 minds cuz mot up in about a month, an needs few things doing. keep getting told to (scrap it) , carnt give up on her just yet, i dont have that type of money to take to the garage so either this or it is 6 foot under pushing up daisy's for the old girl, dont want give in just yet its a 95 disco 1 300 tdi, many thanks gav
  10. Hi Recently, last week in fact, I took leave of my senses and bought a 4.0 V8 P38 running LPG on an 'R' plate (150k miles - I paid a pittance...). The beast ran fine apart from a tapping on idle which I intended to fix with a couple of cams etc. We used the car to tow from Cornwalll to Devon, did a bit of greenlaning and had a blast wondering what all the fuss was about with regards to P38's. On the way home my girlfriend and I smelt hot water so I checked the temperature, which was fine, pulled over and sure enough the pipe from the top of the radiator to the expansion tank had split. Fortunately we stopped on a garage forecourt so I was able to buy some pipe and clips and replace the defective part, top up the coolant and drive off. All the way back I kept an eye on the temperature gauge which sat at halfway only once rising up to three quarters up the white on a long incline. All of a sudden she started missing, then lost power and died. Fortunately I was at a service station so was able to turn in and call the aa. The car wouldn't turn over at all and I was afraid that I had seised (sp?) the engine. I let the car cool down and waited for the AA. When the chap turned up he tried the motor and it turned freely, too freely. The cooling system was pressurised and so he came to the conclusion that the head gasket had blown. Thanks for reading this far, there is a point: 1: I will have to do the work myself, I am competent and have been playing with rover V8's for a while but not attempted a stripdown and rebuild like this. I intend to get the heads checked and skimmed if necassary, replace the gaskets, replace the cams and followers (guessing they are hydraulic?). Question - Is it likely that the bores have suffered damage? If so how do I check? is there anywhing else I should know/consider before continuing? 2: Breaing in mind all that will cost me about £500 I can get a replacement motor for the same money with a 30day warranty. Qyestion - Would that be a better course of action? Thanks in advance for any input. Matt
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