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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Folks, Have been running some new separate electrical cables for the front headlights on my 1997 Defender 110 300 Tdi. Upgrading with dedicated relays and new cable runs. Will post a link to blog on then once finished. However, when feeding the new loom (in conduit) from behind the heater and across the inside top of the NS wheel arch, noticed that the tape protecting the original cables had taken some abuse. That said, not enough to damage the cables (yet). Thought it would be worth posting this since trying to figure out these sort of electric problems can be tricky and thi
  2. Hi Folks, Appreciate this topic has been done to death before, i.e. headlights on a Defender 300 Tdi not being switched via relays. The topic is as old as time itself. However, really pleased that we've taken the time to undergo this project. So, here are some notes from our solution. https://pellylandroverdefender.blogspot.com/p/headlights.html Simon...
  3. There is a problem with the halogen high beams on the Discovery 4 - they do a fine job of illuminating the trees, but don't add much to the useful light output from the main projectors. Living where I do I spend quite a lot of time with main beam on, so I want to fix it, but have been unable to find any definitive fixes on t'web. I am thinking of trying a few ideas, first of which is to set the bulbs at a slight angle in their housing using a spacer of some kind (perhaps a bit of wire). I reckon if I angle them up, then the main focus of the beam will go down... After that I may
  4. Hi Folks, Defender 1997 300Tdi Looking to do a wiring mod so that the current draw for the headlamps is not routed through the column switch, i.e. the classic headlight upgrade. My intention is to do this in a way that does not cut into or alter the existing wiring loom. The attached image is a proposal. Looking for some feedback. Essentially the idea is to put a pair of relays (one for low and high beams) in each of the wings. Power for the headlights coming directly from the battery through the relay (3mm cable), fused in the battery box. In this way, both sets of lamps
  5. The headlights on my landy are the standard issue 1/2 a candle. And the bowls were rusty. So I decided to buy some nice H4 lights with plastic bowls. Decided I may as well add relays too while I am at it. So my question is, do I buy the relays at about £8 a piece from an auto electrical supplier, or the same price for 5 of them from ebay. I know the old saying about buying the best you can afford, but are they likely to be identical units? Anyone bought from ebay and had good/bad experiences with the relays?
  6. Hello - new people here needing some help if possible. We've got a 52-plate TD5 (facelift edition) that has a couple of issues to sort out but we're a bit stumped right now. The headlight motors are constantly working whenever the switch is set to positions 1/2/3 - it's fine when set to 0 though. We can't work out how to get into the headlights or even what this problem might be down to. Also - problem 2 - The aircon fan motor has seized solid - Any idea if it's possible to 'free' this up or do we need a new motor? Cheers Stu
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