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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Hello I am new to this forum. Apologies if I am duplicating a thread. I did a search but could not find an answer. My 2003 defender has all round LED lights. I live in the countryside and it gets very dark because there no street lighting. The standard headlights are like candles and therefore useless. The LED lights are really good you can be seen and you can see things running into the road. Problem is the MOT inspector said he could not pass it unless I put the old ones back in. He did not explain the actual problem it is just the rules! So I am in a ludicrous situation where I need to swap headlights for inferior ones to get it through a test which is apparently there to make sure the car is safe. Problem is until I put the LED ones back in I can’t see where I am going. Given the number of after market LED lights available I assume this has been overcome by some. Anyone know what is going on and if you can put LED lights in a defender without falling foul of the bureaucracy that seems to be contradicting itself. I have found some that say they are ok for MOT but are not CE - which mine are. Thanks for you help
  2. Hi all, My mates 2004 td5 defender has had a major electrical failure. His dipbeam, rear demister, dials/speedo etc, electric windows and air con have all suddenly died. We have checked fuses and relays and they are all good. Does anyone know if these are connected or what I could check next? Thanks for all your advice!
  3. Evening all. just a quick question for the collective hive mind. I have a 1997 110. Today when pulling up at a farm I noticed the headlights reflected off the hedge even though I only had side lights selected. It looks for all the world like dim dip though this has never happened in the previous 5 years or ownership. When I fired up again to leave the side lights and headlights worked as expected. Would a 1997 be fitted with dim dip, and if so where is the module mounted? Wont get a chance to look at it again tonight but plan to investigate tomorrow. Any pointers appreciated. Cheers
  4. Hi all I know this subject has been done to death before so please don't jump down my throat... I have spent all afternoon looking on forums, looking at vehicle, looking again on forums, looking at - well you get the idea. So the vehicle, a '91 200 TDI went into the barn a few months ago for a quick welding job... Coming back together now and I can't wait to get back out there, but the headlights don't work. I have flash but no hi/lo headlights. The blue wire from the sidelights/headlights switch (short stalk) is permanantly live, ignition on or off, which I think is wrong? The blue wire going to the hi/lo switch (long stalk) is dead whatever I do with ignition or light switch. Bridging across the two wires makes them work but that's a bodge, and they stay on when ignition is off. I understand there are no headlight relays on this vehicle, is that right? I also understand that some had a dim/dip relay?? Any ideas? Both steering column light switches are fairly new. The old sidelight/headlight switch melted like they do when the number plate light shorted. Any input welcome, I really want the old girl back on the road. I usually green lane my way to/from work and I am missing it badly. Regards Paul
  5. I have had an intermittent problem with side and head lights on my defender. I have replaced both the main switch and the pink dim/dip relay behind the dash. This worked for about two days, then lost both side and head lights again - not worked since. I tested a few things with a multi meter this morning and it appears I have no power to either the main switch or the dim/dip relay. Can any one help? Thanks
  6. Hi guys Yes she has been good for a while but TROUBLE again Headlights I have full beam lights but no dipped lights ??? If I take a live wire from the battery and put it in either of the dip fuse slots the dipped light illuminates ....so I'm guess a switch or wiring from the switch to the fuse box. On the main switch what are the wires ???? Any test to take a wire from there direct to the fuse slot ??? To test if its wiring Any one had this problem or the switches go and if so would it be more likely the main switch or dip switch that's gone ? Thanks guys
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