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Found 23 results

  1. Hey guys, Desperate for some advice here, hopefully someone can help with my nightmare Disco1 Engine No: 36D40381B CC rating: 3,947cc Fuel Type: Petrol Power: 134kW Drive: 4WD Transmission: 4-gear automatic Was driving around was running fine then suddenly stalled pulling out from an intersection, took a good 5-10 minutes to get it started again then yeay she started and seemed fine stupid me continued on with my trip onto the motorway (dumb i know) but she seemed to come right, after about another 10 mins cruising down motorway she stalled again and would not s
  2. Hello, I recently bought a 2000 D2, reminiscing about my d1 that left me stranded and so its really an R2D2. Any how all jokes aside, I bought it and it didn't run so I changed the starter and wired a butt ton to by pass the interrupter at the ignition switch ( the same was done on the d1, not my first rodeo) I had issues getting the trunk door open on both too and forgot what i did to get it open but by pure magic one day while trying all the tricks and trade secrets by experts in the field of car thieves (such as trying to reach the original cast and crew of gone in sixty seconds per s
  3. Hi guys, New user and first post. My father-in-law has a defender 90 (2.5L 1996) that has an issue, was hoping you guys could help point us in the right direction Was driving the defender and he lost the clutch, he had a pedal but couldn't get any drive. So you put your foot down on the pedal and select a gear then when you start to lift it make a grinding / rattle noise. Get no movement at all. With the engine off you can cycle through and select every gear. We have tried it in high and low box. Diff locked and diff unlocked. Still can't get any movement. We suspected the slav
  4. Hi All, A friend of mine is looking for someone to provide a LR Series for a photoshoot in Stonehaven on Friday 10th March. Looking for volunteers, I think it's a paid job.... Unfortunately mine is a 1992 Defender so not old school enough... If anyone is keen please send images to the producer: Michelle michelle@lsproductions.com Here's the facebook link: Thanks in advance, Dod
  5. Hi this is my first time and I need help. 300tdi disco 1 I have replaced all 4 calliper so all flexi hoses master cylinder and most of the brake pipes. bled with Ezi bleed pedal very poor and only the osf brake seems to work any ideas please
  6. Hi, We recently bought a 1999 Freelander 2nd hand from a couple down the road. After the freezing cold night on Sunday, we went to drive to the shops and found that the car wouldn't start. The engine cranked slowly and the injector clicked. Suspecting it was a low battery, we attempted to bump-start the car to no avail (though we probably didn't do it right anyway). Yesterday we called out breakdown and the lad attempted to jump-start the car, which also failed. He suspected a dodgy fuel pump, and (with the jump-starter still connected) after kicking the fuel tank the car started once but
  7. Hi guys. I am new to owning a discovery 1 and would like to change my regular lights on the rear to led's I am changing all, brake lights, indicators etc etc but i have never really done any wiring in cars and don't want to mess it up but I need to start somewhere. I was wondering if someone could help me with the wiring of the disco, e.g what cables do what. The led's I have are just (live and neutral) any help would be greatful. I have a discovery 1 1994 es auto 7 seater. Cheers Matt
  8. Hi all Well I was driving other day rain started typical bank holiday went to put wipers on and nothing So checked fuse an it was blown changed it and it popped staight away so sat waited for rain to stop an drove home quick So started trying to eliminate what it could be in plugged the stalk still popped so I thought must be motor got replacement off working truck fitted today still blowing fuse so not motor I guessing it's wiring now but carnt find what colours are any where dose any one out there know please Thanks Chris It's a 97 p reg v8 disco
  9. hi, in detail if possible, can some one tell me or show me how to install a 300tdi fuse box into a 200 tdi rrc(1993 to be exact), ive cut out all the old crappy fuse links, and now have two bunches of wires, 1 from the range rover side and 1 from the 300tdi fuse box, which wires connect to which wire or fuse, all the 200tdi wires are orange and another colour, all the fuse box wires are brown and another colour, some fuses i need and some i dont, i have no diagrams to follow, and not much else, and id prefer not to set my car on fire, if possible, so can someone assist me please, many thanks i
  10. Hi All, Was looking for some advice... I recently took a gamble and purchased a cheap 4.6L V8 petrol engine which I believe came from a P38 Rangey. The question is will it go in my 1990 defender 90 and how much modification will be required. I also have no idea about gearboxes etc. My defender currently has a LT77 gearbox with a 200tdi disco engine in but im also concerned about propshaft sizes whether a standard one will fit or not. I basically need an exact list of all the items I need. Another obstacle I have is I have no idea if the engine actually runs or not and as I don't own/work in a
  11. Hi, is anyone in stoke going to billing. I've got an Exhaust back section (possibly) stuck in Green Machine Surplus in Stoke. Other than me drive across to get one of you fine folks might be able to get it to billing ? Its a 130 Ambulance back section so is a twisty 1.7m long. Neill
  12. Hello, i have removed my freelander's battery yesterday and now after i replaced it my radio says i need to enter a code. I lost my code... What can i do ?
  13. Hi there, I have a rover 3.5v8 with twin SU carbs. However the plugs seem to be fouling and causing a frequent missfire on a few cylinders. It will be fine for around 20 miles but then the plugs need cleaning again. The plugs are black and fairly oily. If anyone has any ideas I would be really grateful as this is quite an annoying issue!! I have only just put the engine into the series and started driving it. Thanks in advance
  14. Hello i am new to the whole forum thing but i really need your help. I have a 2004 Land Rover Freelander. I changed it's battery and now my radio tells me that i need to insert a code. Please can you help me because i really don't know what to do ? My cd player is a Visteon. It was made in portugal and has the following serial keys: PART NO: 4CFF-18C838-AB SERIAL NO: M075837 MODEL: FL3 CD EUROPE LAND ROVER PART NO: VUX500150 Thank you in anticipation ! Sorry for my english i am 49 years old ...
  15. Hi, just wondering if any one could help me diagnose what is wrong with my TD4 (2002) I have had no problems with it until the weekend. as I was driving once it got to 30mph there seemed to be no pull and like the power wasn't there. it did gain speed but very slowly. as I was taking it to the garage on Monday it cut out and the engine management light came on, I had it towed but once it got there it started first time and there was no engine management light... I am a bit useless when it comes to knowing about anything like this (I have to admit I rely on my dad and if he's not about what th
  16. Hello all, So, I have a real love for these ex military, olive green land rovers. I think they look the business. I really want to get one but is this just a crazy dream? realistically I know its not the cheapest vehicle to run but it has everything and does everything i need and want from a 4x4 which is to have it support my adventurous hobbies (climbing, yomping, camping, power kiteing.. and many more...) and aid me with work (I'm an apprentice carpenter). After all it looks the nuts too. Could somebody please try and make me see sense, is it sensible for me to get one? as I'm sure you
  17. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum & Land Rovers in general. I now own a 1991 Defender 90 pick up truck (2.5 NA Diesel) & I'm in the process of tidying it up as it was purchased from a farm (lots of encrusted animal poo included). Most of the panels are a mismatch in colour & the wheels were/are awful (tidying the steelies up). Onto my electrical problem; My headlights have started playing up. My OS light works on sidelight, normal beam & high beam, whereas my NS light only works on the high beam? I've searched the internet/forums & most point to the light switch/s
  18. Hello folks, I'm new to the forum and I was wondering if you could share some knowledge with me if you don't mind? The cable has snapped on the driver side window regulator. Are those repair kits on ebay up to the job for replacing it? Its an 03 TD4 Also are there any how to's on this site or online to help me out? Thanks
  19. Hope you Military types can help with this one. I bought a box of WMIK CES kit from withams, expecting some roll cage bars and weapons mounts etc, but have ended up with a collection of canvases and leads I cant identify. Some of them I can use but there are a couple of large canvases I cant work out. One is a newish nato green heavy duty canvas, long enough to cover a 110 but has a diagonal flap along each side which doesnt match any vehicles I know of. It has a velcro closure at the rear which lines up with the defender door but there are no attatchments at the front for the screen loops
  20. hi guys, hope you can help, got an ex mod 90 fitted with 300 tdi, problem is temp gauge reads wrongly,have been told i need a sender unit from the n/a 2-5 diesel that was originally fittted, prob is there are 2, red and blue, which one do i fit ???
  21. i am rebuilding a 1989 defender 110 or landrover 110 nut sure exactly which one because i am aware that 1989 was the year they changed but anyway i am now at the stage where i am ready to start the engine for the first time in three years, yes it has taken a while. i have wired it up with a split charge and carefully read the instructions that came with it, when i turned the key nothing happened not a single light on the dash or a click. i am no automotive electrician but im am nearly sure it is something to do with the starter motor or alternator not being earthed correctly or i hav the wrong
  22. strange one here we have a rangerover trayback running 101 axles front and rear and have been asked to convert it to discs any idea what parts fit regards mark
  23. hi dont seem to be able to open the rear door on my disco tdi, it is unlocked on the fob ,the locking thingy goes up and down on the fob and when the key is used, but the door will not open when you lift the handle. any ideas please, thanks in antisippation. strongie
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