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Found 4 results

  1. There is a problem with the halogen high beams on the Discovery 4 - they do a fine job of illuminating the trees, but don't add much to the useful light output from the main projectors. Living where I do I spend quite a lot of time with main beam on, so I want to fix it, but have been unable to find any definitive fixes on t'web. I am thinking of trying a few ideas, first of which is to set the bulbs at a slight angle in their housing using a spacer of some kind (perhaps a bit of wire). I reckon if I angle them up, then the main focus of the beam will go down... After that I may try LED bulbs. Thinking here is that they may just give more uncontrolled light which might fill in the gaps somewhat. Problem is that they are all so different, so which to try first... But before I do any of this, I was wondering if any of you lot had found a fix? Cheers, Roger
  2. Hi everyone, I have a 1987 90 LT77. It stood for a while before i bought it. I have managed to free up the diff lock by stripping, cleaning and greasing the selector box. I have also removed all the linkages and cleaned and greased those. However the box won't change from high range.With the tunnel off I have used pry bars and tapped the the final part of the linkage in an attempt to get it to move, to no avail. It won't budge out of high range. I have tried with engine running, clutch down etc. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  3. My recently purchased TD5 seems to have an odd problem. At high revs in 2nd and particularly 3rd gear, the vehicle seems to stutter quite badly prompting a gear change. Once very warm (approx half an hour of running) these symptoms would seem to disappear. Is there any direct cause that I could investigate. kind regards FF
  4. Hi guys, rebuilt my engine after a heavy smoking problem, smoking now gone and running as usual. Unfortunately, the temp gauge climbs way too fast and gets to the top of the gauge within only two or three miles of flat, straight fen road driving. It's really strange, I've filled the radiator up and it shows the normal level in the header tank and the thermostat is new and genuine (the second thermostat since the rebuild) I first tried taking the thermostat out and it stayed at quarter temp on the gauge while driving a few miles but once it was back in it climbed way too fast again. No steam or anything coming from the bonnet. Whole engine was stripped and rebuilt, head gasket was done properly and head torqued correctly. Oil level holding normal, water level doesn't really move even after gauge shows overheating. Fan belts are new and it's on a viscous fan at the moment. Water pump is a year old. Radiator has no visible damage and it's not done any of this overheating before. What's up with it??
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