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Found 1 result

  1. 1999 TD5 auto. 1st Question: The hand brake / low brake fluid warning light is permanently on. I have the electrical manual and as far as I can tell the switches for both function as they should and both have power to them (although less than 1V - no idea if this is normal or not?) I also have the 3 amigos but i is my understanding that the hand brake light is not linked to them so I am at a loss to work out why the light is on. Help please! Second question: I replaced my rear ABS sensors with front ones as the rears are too short with a 2" lift. This is common practice apparently but sadly I got cheap ones and they seem to not be up to the task. They have the correct resistance (~1kOhm) and generate some voltage when the hub is rotated by hand but but my local independent has plugged her in and says the signal is too weak. So, as I need a new rear hub (leaking) I thought I'd get a front hub (interchangeable with rears) which will come with the ABS sensor. My question is, where is the sweet spot price wise as they go from £40 to silly genuine parts prices! Lastly, I have fitted the 300TDi diff lock linkage but the diff lock light does not come on. I haven't cut the wire in the SLABS. Should I do this? Will this have a bearing (sorry) on the 3 amigos? Ashcroft's site seems to recommend doing it so perhaps that is tomorrow's task. Thanks for reading this far, hopefully you guys can help as I am at the bottom of my 3rd beer and still haven't cheered up!
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