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Found 3 results

  1. Help please ... someone stole my keys and on them was the fob for the immobiliser, a small black thing, about an inch long with 3 connectors that fitted into a lug on the steering column. I’d like to bypass the immobiliser for now but I cannot find the box which is suggested will be in the battery box ( or what is left of it ... bit of a project, this one). It does have an EGR under the passenger seat. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Folks,Problem with the immobiliser on my Defender TD5 99'.Fitted new front LED spotlights yesterday. Disconnected battery using correct procedure. Disconnected old lights and wired in new lights. Reconnected battery before bolting new lights into place to check all was ok. Lights all working - no problems.Disconnected battery again using correct procedure and finished bolting lights into place. Checked connections one last time and all secure. Reconnected battery again.This time small blue light started flashing on top of the dash panel and when trying to start siren goes off and engine immobilised. Removed negative terminal and siren stops. When I reconnect the negative terminal there is no alarm only when I try to start engine.I've tried searching on the internet and these forums but it's a bit of mine field. Can any one explain to me what exactly is going on?Thanks in advance.Sam
  3. Hi, I'm looking for some advice. Ive recently become the first owner of my own Defender 90 County. Its spent the last 2 years being upgraded. The engine is now a 300tdi which might play a part in my question! It has little security well non, I cant lock the passanger door and its on the list to get sorted ASAP! My plan is to fit an engine immobiliser, I've read that its pointless as its pretty easy to by-pass but it might still help even if its just a little. My electrical knowledge and skills are fine the skills I lack are with the defender and its wiring harness! The immobiliser is able to kill 2 circuits, my thoughts were glow plugs and starter. My next question is how do I gain access to these the switching current on the immobiliser is 10A for each circuit. I'm hoping there is a relay for the starter and I'm making the guess that the glow plugs wont pull more than 10A. My question is where do I find the relay and cables for this? Also it looks for 2 sources to confirm that the engine is running! So 2 12V supplies. My thought was a tap from the alternator and then I'm stumped for the 2nd, I was thinking the back of the key barrel but I was struggling to get to it, looks like its a whole dash to come off job would that be right? The easiest bit of it all will be the 2 seperate earth points! And I can do them fine. So to summarise, where is best to put my 2 immobiliser circuits, where do I find the cables/relays for them so I can intercept them and where is best and how do I get to 2 circuits that are only live when the engine is turning over? And how do I get to them? (Dash off/behind fuse board/engine bay). Hope someone can point me in the right direction!! I'm new to the defender scene so please go easy on me! Stephen
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