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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I have modified my Discovery in doing so I have removed the back bumper completely and thus the number of lights has changed, I now have 2 less indicators which is making my indicators flash too fast to pass the MOT, is there any easy fix, by replacing the relay that controls the indicators.
  2. Hi, I bought my TD90 in September 2015, fully Mot'd(!) but once on the road, the fuse for the indicators, guages and brake lights (no 5, 15 amp) keeps blowing. It blows when I operate the indicator switch - it's fine at a stand-still, but blows on the move! I've checked that the indicator lights are all getting power, and that they are all earthed. I have read that the hazard switch (through which all the wires pass, I'm told) can be a weak point. Will replacing this switch cure my problem? If not, I reckon that a wire must be shorting somewhere in the loom near the fuse box. The wires pass through the bulkhead in a thick bundle, but without removing the dash, I can't really inspect any more than the first couple of inches of the loom. If that's the case, please can anyone let me know how to remove the dash? I've got the grab handle (passenger side)and heater controls (driver's side) off, but can't see what else I need to undo to get the dash to pull away. Any help would be brilliant. Thanks, all. Tim.
  3. Id really like to tap into anyone's experience of fitting Indicators. sidelight / marker lights or repeaters in Wing Mirrors ? What did you use - how did it fit - what worked - what didn't - how would you do it differently if you did it again ?
  4. LED Tail Brake and Turn indicators at High level Are there ‘standard Land-Rover’ like – LED rear light fittings that are surface mounting? Id like to fit LED Tail Brake and Turn indicators at High level – Mainly because:- The trailers I tow have unreliable electrics – so if you have high level lighting on the back end you have visibility ( and a slightly reduced risk of getting pulled-over) Because in bad weather standard Land-Rover rear lighting is inadequate – and you don’t get tail-ended. Ive done this many times, using standard Land-Rover rear light fittings with std bulbs - but if there was an option to use LED units without the need to drill over sized holes Id like to take that Does anybody have any good suggestions? Thanks
  5. Oakmaster

    Indicators in wing mirrors

    anybody got any good advice about how you can get indicators in wing mirrors?
  6. sighnbox

    Side repeters

    Any one know any CLEAR side repetors that will fit a 1990 110 Thanks guys
  7. Has anyone fitted Sidelight and indicator repeaters to their wing mirrors? Apologies for all these streams of simple posts that don't mention exciting stuff like 'Boost Pins' but I'm hopeing that the wealth of knowledge on here can guide me through rebuilding of my V8 110 Id like to modify my wing mirrors ( I did say this wouldnt be 'exciting') to have heater elements and small LED sidelight and indicator repeaters? Has anyone done this - Got any advice? Do s and Donts? got any pictures how did you run the wires? Same if you fitted heated elements to you wing mirrors - did it work? cheers

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