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Found 3 results

  1. I have a 2007 Defender 110 with a 244DT motor. Friday evening as I was picking my husband from airport I noticed a small whirring noise when in 6th gear coming from under hood. I pulled over at nearest stop and restarted engine..no problems and restarted my journey with no more noises. Sunday afternoon I was driving my husband back to airport when the noise started again in 6th gear (husband driving) but got louder and car was loosing acceleration. Again we just made it to the next gas station before we lost all acceleration. The engine was making a knocking noise and would not move. There were no displays (no oil light, no temperature change)...all normal on display. Motor was not overheating. Tow truck picked up Landie and delivered yesterday to mechanic. Mechanic has told me I need to replace entire motor at a cost of 10.000euro!!! After speaking with other mechanics they interpret the problem as a blown fuel injector. My mechanic has not tested compression only started engine and saw that pressure was coming out of oil tank...and came to the conclusion that a piston had a hole and burned out the engine... There is oil and motor starts..lacking compression. I am no mechanic and live in Italy ...
  2. Td5 misfire

    My 2004 Td5 has started to misfire (actually no firing at all) on one cylinder but only when engine is warmed up after 5-10 minutes or so. When cold it runs smooth. I have checked the injector harness for oil leaks but can with confidence say there is no evidence of leaks even at the top. Bone dry. Checking the temperature of the exhaust manifold it is clear it is cylinder 1 that is playing up as it is a lot cooler there. Any leads on this anyone? Lars
  3. td4 Idling problem

    Hi Guys and Girls, I have an issue with my 05 freebie Td4 which has done 95000 miles. She is rough idling at around 750rpm and is smokey (white) when cold, does not stall but is hunting. when warmed up she runs fine, I have noticed that when I disconnect the high pressure fuel sensor she stops hunting, I have no warning lights or codes in the OBD, but my interrogator only shows a limited live stream. Will a dealer/independents OBD interrogator be able to distinguish between healthy or blocked injectors and or sensors if there are no fault codes from the ECU? I have replaced all filters including fuel, and am planning on changing oil as soon as I get the chance, so far have seen no real improvement. has anyone had a similar issue or guidance as to narrow down the problem, I am thinking injector (expensive, is it worth getting from a scrapper and do they all need to be balanced) or fuel regulator/sensor Thanks in advance

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