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Found 17 results

  1. Romeo

    Disco 2 td5

    While i drive my car goes into limp mode and only two injectors operate the car drives perfectly for about 20km and all of a sudden the engine just turns off. Is this a ecu problem or can you guys advise what it possibly can be
  2. Romeo

    Disco 2 td5 ecu

    While i drive my car goes into limp mode and only two injectors operate the car drives perfectly for about 20km and all of a sudden the engine just turns off. Is this a ecu problem or can you guys advise what it possibly can be
  3. Dadandlad

    Lego Land Rover Project

    Hi there, Hope I have picked the right place to post! We just wanted to share our Lego Land Rover that we have submitted to Lego Ideas website. If we can get 10,000 supporters then Lego will consider it as a product. We thought it is a great tribute to Land Rover and the series model. We went to The Great British Land Rover Show in Donington and feedback was great! Land Rover Monthly magazine have recently featured an article on our project. So have a look and if you like it please use the link and register on Lego Ideas and then press support, it only takes 5 minutes! Feedback is welcome ? https://ideas.lego.com/projects/116805
  4. Seplovich

    LR Disco 1 Diagnostics Tool

    Does anyone know what options I have for diagnostic tools for a 1997 Disco I? I am getting intermittent "Check Engine" lights on and off. I see the new iLand iOS app starts with the Disco IIs. I checked the Nanocom as well and is the same issue. Is it because the Disco I has not compatible ports? Is my only option the HawkEye? Has anyone tried the iOS app called IIDControl from Gap Diagnostics?
  5. Hello gents and ladies, I'm Dan, been on the road 5 years on sportsbikes and finally bit the bullet and decided to drive as well as ride. Due to specific reasons, I've ended up with a deposit down on a Land Rover 2 TD4 2007, diesel. One concern really, any reason why on earth the "LAND ROVER" is more like "LANDROVER" on the front of the car. Little bit concerned. Don't know if it's silly.
  6. Hi, I bought a LWB series 3s or R6, after consideration i thought it would be best to chuck the old petrol engine out, and convert to the 200tdi. i have done my research on this topic and found alot of information, but just as i want to start, after having a look at one last post regarding this conversion, i am back to square one with doubts on what i should do.... i have bought the engine, from a disco 1, which is the 200tdi along with the engine i bought the radiator fitted to the disco where the engine came from, i want to know what i have to do (manifolds, turbo "clocking" ect ect) in order to keep my turbo... i know its been explained in detail but i am still unsure as to what to expect, everything is in the garage waiting to be started, just need that last push of encouragement form fellow landy enthusiasts.... also as far as im concerned, this is the first R6 attempt found on the web?? thanxs for the help
  7. Hello, dear Folks & guys ! ...I am new here in this forum and its a pleasure to know all the wheelers around the globe. Actually I am in a new project for planning a "mobile recording studio" based on a so called 5th Wheeler (pls see the dimensions of the trailers we need here as PDF: http://bit.ly/1ab0SqG ) We have thought a lot about whats the right truck to pull such a 5th Wheeler, and against the common opinion to decide for a Ford Ranger or Dodge Ram we target at a Land Rover based Chassis 6x6. Hopefully you can help me out by your experiences with some questions to get the right truck ------------------------------ The first important question is: Where to get a LR 6x6 in Europe (for European streets) ? - I did little bit research on the web as you can see here or in a better quality as pdf: http://bit.ly/120ceWs The Perentie version (from Australia) looks nearby perfect what we need: a trustable and robust working pull horse on the road through whole Europe the right solution: double axe + 6x6 (I have watched many videos comparing a 4x4 to a 6x6 LR) double cab (best with 7 seats) pick up version for installing the 5th Wheel hitch I suppose it does not make sense because of expensive shipping costs to order a LR6x6 from Australia. (Rec.: If you have any ideas about to bring such a LR to Europe by shipping at low cost (without expensive import tax) to EU feel free to let me know.) 2nd question: From where to get a used LR 6x6 in Europe ? - We'd prefer traders who have experiences with LR... the available budget is at max. 15,000 Euros (inclusive the adaption to European norms) frankly to say as we have to invest into the 5th wheel trailer and studio equipment. Maybe AFLM has partners in EU you can suggest. 3rd question: What is the right engine ? - We will have a weight of the 5th Wheeler up to 8.5 tons. So at all inclusive the pickup truck its up to 10.5-11. tons gross weight (Rec.: In Europe the max. weight for such a car+trailer combination is 12 tons :-) ). I have read that the 6x6 in Australia as "Long Vehicle" (length 6.020m) used as engine "ISUZU 4BDIT Turbo charged 3.9" (Source: http://bit.ly/178meGt ) - I am not a motor engine specialist, I like the sound. Its not bad nailing . Is the power enough to pull 10-11 tons total weight ? - The power output is very low, isnt ? ( Only 139 hp - http://wiki.planetisuzoo.com/index.php/Engine_Specs#Diesel_fours ). Another aspect of the engine: If its such a Diesel we have to take care about the European emission reglementations (Euro6 from 2014 on) as we need the "Green Viniette" to be allowed to drive with our mobile recording studio into the centres of the bigger European cities. Otherwise it becomes very expensive to pay mout fees with lower European emission standards - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_emission_standards ). If we take an elder model less we might need to install a filter system, another extra costs eventually, between 1-2000 Euros. Hopefully you can advice me and where to get such a used LR 6x6 as described, concretly. Many thanks in advance giving attention and orientation. Hearing from you asap... Warm greetings from Hanseatic City Hamburg/North Germany. --------------- PS: The habit of a LR 6x6 offroad as seen in this video gives me a lot of trust even to handle a 8.5 heavy weight trailer hanging on the hitch... :-) Much more trustable than the US SUVs in my understanding, isnt ?! :-) +++
  8. harrym1964

    Best Dash Cams

    Just in the process of getting everything we (hopefully...) need for a trip to Morocco next month. Crossed my mind that a dash cam would be a fantastic way to record the journey and wondered if anyone had any recommendations? I've seen this one on offer from Craddock's and it seems to look the business. I do want reasonable quality footage though so might need to spend a bit more if necessary.
  9. Hi there I own a 2002 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 2.5 Diesel which over the years I have had quite a few problems with. Recently over the past 2-3 weeks I have had major problems with the vehicle. The problem which I am having is that the vehicle has developed a constant whirring noise even when the engine is running and whilst driving. Over the past week it has taken 8 attempts to try and start the vehicle and sometimes I have had to prime it to get it to start. However this week it has taken 2-3 attempts to start the vehicle and I cannot understand what is causing this problem. We took it to our local garage yesterday and it has had a new fuel filter fitted by the mechanic. The mechanic thinks it may be the fuel pump but cannot be 100% certain and does not want to put a wrong part on. It has been on the diagnostic machine and there is nothing showing up for this model. He also said there was diesel swishing around in the fuel tank, could this be something to do with the injectors and is there a return valve somewhere on the vehicle? Has anybody else had problems like this? Any information would be most appreciated
  10. AaronLean

    Land Rover design changes

    Hi everyone. I'm new onto this forum so hello! Loving some of the threads on here so far. I wanted to ask people what their most loved Land Rover design is? And what do we all think will be the future of the designs as they seem to be getting more 'urban' over the years. Cheers guys!!!
  11. Hello all, So, I have a real love for these ex military, olive green land rovers. I think they look the business. I really want to get one but is this just a crazy dream? realistically I know its not the cheapest vehicle to run but it has everything and does everything i need and want from a 4x4 which is to have it support my adventurous hobbies (climbing, yomping, camping, power kiteing.. and many more...) and aid me with work (I'm an apprentice carpenter). After all it looks the nuts too. Could somebody please try and make me see sense, is it sensible for me to get one? as I'm sure you are all aware being an apprentice in any trade isn't great pay. So what am I taking on? responsibilities etc.. realistic cost's. Any help would be really appreciated I would love to see myself behind a wheel of one. kind regards. Ben
  12. Hi, During the past few nights there has been a number of sightings of a silver recovery truck with fake AA graphics on driving round in the early hours of the morning, targeting defenders and high end cars in the Manchester and Hyde area. It has been mentioned on our forum that so far at least two members from the Manchester land rover club have been targeted. One member woke to hear a clicking sound outside, nothing looked out of the ordinary but in the morning found his defender winched half way down the road, his neighbour said they saw the silver recovery truck at about 3:00am. Another member saw the truck parked up then went to check his 110, which funnily enough had 2 blokes having a right good nosey around his motor, then disappeared when he approached them. Apparently there are Pikey camps back in Manchester and Hyde, so please keep a lookout and report anything suspicious to the police before this becomes a real problem and Landy's start disappearing. Ash
  13. Hi guys - Need some help!! Have a Discovery 1 (1992, she's an old girl) and just recently she's been having problems on starting - Seems to not be very happy on key turn and struggles to find the correct idle speed for a few seconds (glow plug fine). Sometimes it puffs out the tiniest bit of light grey smoke on start, but nothing more after that. Yesterday, on start up, she revved to about 2500rpm, which made me wonder whether it was a sticky throttle cable, as it dropped back down after 5 or 6 seconds, but that's all fine. Today, when driving, she became very sluggish to a point there was no power at all (yes, there's fuel in there) to a point it was literally not drivable. Had a look under the bonnet, as you do, and there is not fuel at all in the fuel filter - Bad fuel line possibly? There are no fuel leaks or oil leaking either (not had much chance to look as I am at work). Anyway, this car is supposed to be going up for sale in the next day or so, and it's bloody typical this has happened now - If anyone can give me some idea of what might be the problem, I'd much appreciate it.
  14. This one has been doing the rounds, anyone any idea the story behind it?
  15. Mathias

    Convoy 4 Heroes 2013

    Easter weekend there is a world record attempt again: trying to break our own record set in 2011 :-) The website is: http://www.convoy4heroes.org.uk/ If somebody has questions, ask :-) Greetings Mathias
  16. Hi all Was just wandering if anybody has brought from a online company called Mode Land Rover www.modelandrover.com I was browsing online and found but i havent heard of them before. I asked this in another forum but got no reply so i thought id start my own. They seem to have very cheep remanufacted alternators, which im after but has anybody brought this from them. Are the alternators good quality? From the other forum people were saying they had very cheep defender doors. I just wated to know if anyone had actually brought from them in the past. Please anybody??? MK
  17. Black-Feather110

    200Tdi Disco into a 110

    So it’s easy, don’t even go there unless you really know what you’re doing? Discovery 200tdi engine into a Land Rover 110 that previously had a 2.5 petrol engine in, which I then changed to a 2.5 n/a diesel engine and now I’m changing it to the 200Tdi as the n/a is gutless, so you buy your Discovery some old MOT failure and you think you’ll have all the bits to just swap over to do the job? “Wrong, if you’re going to do this don’t make the mistakes that I did, check your Disco out, good engine the one I bought was a really good engine a re-build, but had a carp rad and inter cooler and a leaky water pump, I put a new pump in and new rad, and a second hand intercooler, buy a new rad and water pump then you’ll know you have a good one! (new rad) this is because you’ll need to also buy an electric fan one that comes with a thermostat so you can set it to the temperature you want it to cut in, and take out the old visco-fan and bin it as its too far back to do any good, also less drag and better mpg, when taking off the water pump don’t force the bolts they will snap, I did three, major job in getting those out, you’ll also need a down pipe unless you fit the 300Tdi turbo, better stay with the 200Tdi turbo if its good, but with the newly crafted down pipe there’s not much room to get the starter motor out if it goes, I don’t even want to think about that happing, your also going to need to get longer oil cooler pipes made up, and you’re going to also need longer power steering pipes and all the water pipe work, turbo pipes as you can see this is not a cheap job nor is it easy, you might as well also replace the engine mounts for new ones as your need to mover the mounts about a bit to fit the engine in, you’ll also need to mover the air filter, I put an induction kit on makes life a bit easier, I have spent loads doing this conversion but is well worth all the time cost and effort, big difference in power, and steering, Why did I do it, well my old girl didn’t have power steering with the 2.5 n/a so I wanted that, I also wanted more power, and you can wind up the 200Tid to give you this, but if I had really knew what was involved in doing the job I might not have bother but once I started I have to keep going, it all sound so easy when you here of others that have done this, easy? Far from it Parts, new rad, water pump, induction kit, elec fan, oil cooler pipes, power steering pipes, water pipes, engine mounts, timing belt, alternator belt, down pipe, turbo pipes, timing belt kit, new clutch kit, alternator belt

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