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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Hello I am new to this forum. Apologies if I am duplicating a thread. I did a search but could not find an answer. My 2003 defender has all round LED lights. I live in the countryside and it gets very dark because there no street lighting. The standard headlights are like candles and therefore useless. The LED lights are really good you can be seen and you can see things running into the road. Problem is the MOT inspector said he could not pass it unless I put the old ones back in. He did not explain the actual problem it is just the rules! So I am in a ludicrous situation where I need to swap headlights for inferior ones to get it through a test which is apparently there to make sure the car is safe. Problem is until I put the LED ones back in I can’t see where I am going. Given the number of after market LED lights available I assume this has been overcome by some. Anyone know what is going on and if you can put LED lights in a defender without falling foul of the bureaucracy that seems to be contradicting itself. I have found some that say they are ok for MOT but are not CE - which mine are. Thanks for you help
  2. As I'm quite the fan of LED torches and illumination in general. I thought I'd see how cheap and easy my X-Eng X-Lites could be upgraded to LED. Attempt 1: Found these claimed 6w quad MR16 LED bulbs on ebay. It looks a bit bigger than the 50w halogen. But fitted the X-Lite housing a treat. The LED can be had in a 'cool' 6000k or 'warm' 3000k tint. This is the 6000k variant. On first look it appears to be working fine. But as soon as night fell it was clear to see that the LED output was very sub par to the halogen... Led: Halogen: Back to the drawing board it seems... I have a claimed 9w and 12w MR16 bulbs on the way to try, although I think the 12w will be physically too long for the X-Lite. If none of these direct replacement LED bulbs can match or exceed the halogen, then a custom build might be the only way. Attempt 2: pending....
  3. Hello all, just got my first defender, a 1999 td5 90, and i think its brilliant! It has LED indicator lights and has and an rdx relay, that makes them flash at the right speed. Right and Left indicators work perfectly, but when I switch on the hazards there is nothing happening. Any ideas on what might be causing this?
  4. Looking for recommendations on improving my electrical situation. I just finished switching my 200 tdi one ten over to all LEDs (headlights, instruments, interior, indicators, etc..). I am also running an electric fan which has a fairly large draw. I have noticed that when the RPM are low and the fan is on I am dipping below 12 volts. When that happens the headlights and blinkers flicker. Are there voltage regulators that maintain a higher steady voltage? Should I be going with a dual-battery system?
  5. Driving lights are moving on SO fast, and there are SO many on the market that I am rather confused as to what to get, so if anyone has had recent experience of buying/fitting long range driving lights, and like what they fitted... I wonder if you would share please? I had a search around the forum but only found posts that were a couple of years old. I am completely undecided between light bars and round types, but I am supposing that LED is the way to go... Unless you know better? I don't think I would be fitting a HUGE light bar, but no doubt others reading this thread would be interested, so please - whatever you have - let us know what you think... Cheers Roger p.s. I am interested in both road-legal and 'off-road' solutions...
  6. Good morning all, Im after suggestions for LED driving lights. i see a raft of them on ebay, however the choice is varied to say the least. anyone have any suggestions? im after around 150mm long 40-50mm wide. so they are discreet. hands up they arent for a landrover, thats got big 100watt spot lights across the roof bar, these are for my VW T5.1 cheers Jason
  7. Hi guys. I am new to owning a discovery 1 and would like to change my regular lights on the rear to led's I am changing all, brake lights, indicators etc etc but i have never really done any wiring in cars and don't want to mess it up but I need to start somewhere. I was wondering if someone could help me with the wiring of the disco, e.g what cables do what. The led's I have are just (live and neutral) any help would be greatful. I have a discovery 1 1994 es auto 7 seater. Cheers Matt
  8. LED Tail Brake and Turn indicators at High level Are there ‘standard Land-Rover’ like – LED rear light fittings that are surface mounting? Id like to fit LED Tail Brake and Turn indicators at High level – Mainly because:- The trailers I tow have unreliable electrics – so if you have high level lighting on the back end you have visibility ( and a slightly reduced risk of getting pulled-over) Because in bad weather standard Land-Rover rear lighting is inadequate – and you don’t get tail-ended. Ive done this many times, using standard Land-Rover rear light fittings with std bulbs - but if there was an option to use LED units without the need to drill over sized holes Id like to take that Does anybody have any good suggestions? Thanks
  9. I thought you might be interested to follow my latest project which is to install auxiliary lighting onto my 110CSW. My truck is a general workhorse, nothing fancy: - it is at any time a: -Van for sound and lighting equipment, ladders and scaffolding -Kennel for several dogs -Minibus for work -Event safety vehicle at Easter and in the summer -Surrey 4x4 Response member's vehicle -Tow truck -Occasional off-roader -Camper van It's just had a new Brownchurch roof rack, strong enough to take scaffolding, decking and ladders - or a roof tent. Lighting: It is going to get: Roof spots Front A-bar spots Front LED flashers Rear LED flashers Roof beacons (removable) Rear work light Here is some of the kit: Raptor Switch Pod: Carling switches: LED heads from EVS: Modular fuse/relay box from VWP: And here is a rough wiring diagram of how it is all going to fit together: I hope this is interesting to someone and I will keep posting as I get on. Cheers, Mark
  10. This might sound unlikely (and maybe I’m loosing it) but I cant seem to find any reasonably priced, reasonable quality, surface mounting, interior lights. Ideally they would be 12 V, LED and have a switch Any advice / links gratefully pursued
  11. I'm after some small waterproof plugs for an up and coming project. They are for some LEDs so don't need to be rated for very high current at all. I did wonder about using some of the two way connectors used by the indicators/brake lights. Ideally I'd like something a little less bulky. Ideas?
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