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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am very proud of the fact that I manage to do all jobs on my cars by myself - with use of tools and equipment, but for the last 15 years I have not had any human assistance (the dog sometimes helps a bit)... Now I face the problem of offering up a front winch bumper on the D2 and I find that I can no longer handle that kind of weight (I am 65) so am looking for a way of hoisting it into place and supporting it while I fit the bolts. Notes: I have free access to sufficient scaffolding for a well over engineered gantry. I don't normally borrow or hire things, preferring instead to use need as an excuse to satisfy my continual desire for new tools... I didn't set out to get a winch bumper, but there were some very cheap ones on ebay one evening after I'd had a beer or two I do however, now quite fancy having a winch Initial thoughts (with pros/cons) are: Engine crane and balance bar. I have seen one I like the look of that would cost about £230 including the balance bar. I would probably never use it for it's intended purpose (at my age I don't even buy unripe bananas ) I could use it at a later date when I get round to fitting a body lift, but can't think of any other upcoming uses... Electric winch with scaffolding gantry I will probably buy a winch anyway, so maybe I should buy one now and bolt it into the bumper, then use it to lift the assembly into place using a scaffolding gantry? This option would cost about £600, and I wasn't really wanting to spend much more on the car until it passes an MoT... On the plus side - a winch would look really cool, and secretly we all want our cars to look cool eh? Tirfor with scaffolding gantry. Not really sure that I have the youth/vigor to use a Tirfor for its intended purpose, so again it may be a one use expense of possibly £200... block and tackle with scaffolding gantry Probably a one off expense of about £50 The reason I am asking here is that I have IMMENSE respect for the experience and knowledge of people on this forum and so your comments/thoughts/advice/guidance are all welcome, but of course I reserve the right to completely ignore all of you and do something totally stupid instead... Cheers Roger
  2. Hi All, I read somewhere that it makes it more comfortable for the passengers if you lift the seats higher! I think they were doing this to Defender 110 that give Safari tours in Africa Has anyone done this? Can you buy a kit in the UK. Cheers, Mike
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