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Found 5 results

  1. Can anyone tell me the part number of the retaining sleeve circled in red? They come in plastic or metal. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a 1987 ex Singapore military 110. It came without keys for the door and so I thought it would be easy to just get replacement barrels and keys. Not so! The doors have lift-up handles but winding windows. The push-button type locks do not fit and nor do the Series type locks. I am having trouble finding the part number for the correct type of barrel. Can anyone help? I'll attach a photo - the correct barrel is the older one on the left. It's intermediate in length between the other two types, as far as I can work out. (I did a search here but it didn't help, by the way.) Thanks in advance!
  3. simonpelly

    Rear Door Lock Seal

    Hi Folks, In the process of changing the lock barrel on the rear door lock of my Defender 110 SW. Planning on replacing the lock seal on the refit as the original has become quite thin and tacky. The replacement door seal ordered (genuine OEM part - MXC9455) does not appear to be the correct size. The attached image shows that the holes for the retaining bolts do not match between lock body and seal. It can be stretched somewhat to fit. However, seems odd to have to do this. Thoughts? Simon...
  4. LandyOwner63

    Broken Window Lock

    I have an ex-MoD 1987 FFR Land Rover 90 that has sliding windows in the passenger and driver doors. The window lock is a large knob that you twist to lock or un-lock the sliding windows. Unfortunately, the window lock on the driver door doesn't work and you can easily open the window and reach in to un-lock and open the door. Do I need to replace the window lock assembly as a whole or can I repair it? If I need to replace it, does anybody know the part number? Thanks. LandyOwner63
  5. Markoteal

    Move striker plate or new lock

    Firstly, just to let you know I have now acquired a defender! After lookin.g at lots, I found one in good nick, ready converted to a SW and around the price I wanted - shows patience pays off! I'll update with pics etc soon - here's my first query ( and I have searched on the subject on the forum and can't find thIs specific issue although rear doors do appear a regular subject!) Rear door - closes fine and appears to lock ok - however if you push hard on the back door , you feel the door move slightly further in and a slight click from the lock area and hey presto, pull the handle and the blooming thing opens! Anyone have experience of this - is it the lock that need changing or does the striker plate need "adjusting"? No doubt this will be the first of many post as I get to love my new machine!

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