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Found 2 results

  1. Time for a Tools and Fab build thread! I've been busy whilst waiting for a machining favour to be able to continue the suspension build.... I also kind of ran out of space with the purchases in the next paragraph. Back last year, I heard Halfords were discontinuing their black 'industrial' range of tool chests and changing the design. Cue a mad scramble to get some more boxes ordered to match the pair of bottom chests I already owned. I've always had two of the bottom chests as I like the deep drawer, the upper of the deep ones being my socket drawer with everything stood up. In an ideal world I think I would have gone for another pair of bottom chests to go with the plan that follows, but I couldn't get hold of them. So I ordered two mid section drawers and two top chests.That's the tools bit covered.... but how is this a fabrication thread I hear you say! Well for those that don't know, the set of three Halfords chests are pretty damn tall when they're all together. Even with my 6'3" standing, a bit on the tall side as I want my sockets to be in the top sections as I'm pushing the drawer loadings a bit with the setup now. After a little bit of design time I ended up with this: I designed the step frame to be able to keep the boxes really close to each other and drop them as low as possible. The clearance under the centre of the main chassis is only 25mm. If I find I need to move the trolley far I can always lift it with the forklift. I can also shim the trolley upwards if I find I move it about and it catches the workshop floor. I didn't originally have the two little end cupboards on there. But I thought that it would be good to make use of the space at each end. Not sure exactly what I'll use them for yet. I'll put a door on the front of each one at some point, going to see what I end up using them for first as I can always do a drawer instead. The design is a little elaborate and over engineered, but I've built it to last forever and the potential total weight of the toolboxes and their maximum draw loadings brings it to around 1100Kg . Trolley is finished (minus powder coating) as I type this, but I'll post this in a few hits as I get time. I also need to apologise for the awful quality of the first half of the pictures... my old phone had a great camera but was hindered by the Ross-proof case covering the lense. I've been a bit brave with new phone and not got quite such a bomb/workshop proof case.
  2. Been practicing welding vertical lap joint, 3mm new stuff to ?mm chassis. After a few pigeon poo runs i managed this. I think it's ok but please, advice and guidance is welcomed. The image is correctly orientated ie the chassis section was stood on end. Upside-down next... <shudder>
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