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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Hello I am new to this forum. Apologies if I am duplicating a thread. I did a search but could not find an answer. My 2003 defender has all round LED lights. I live in the countryside and it gets very dark because there no street lighting. The standard headlights are like candles and therefore useless. The LED lights are really good you can be seen and you can see things running into the road. Problem is the MOT inspector said he could not pass it unless I put the old ones back in. He did not explain the actual problem it is just the rules! So I am in a ludicrous situation where I need to swap headlights for inferior ones to get it through a test which is apparently there to make sure the car is safe. Problem is until I put the LED ones back in I can’t see where I am going. Given the number of after market LED lights available I assume this has been overcome by some. Anyone know what is going on and if you can put LED lights in a defender without falling foul of the bureaucracy that seems to be contradicting itself. I have found some that say they are ok for MOT but are not CE - which mine are. Thanks for you help
  2. New rules from 20 May indicate that visible exhaust smoke means a fail. Anybody got up to date info on this topic which would appear to be designed to take the majority of older diesel vehicles off the road?
  3. Has anyone local to Cheltenham got a left head lamp for 300 tdi disco i can borrow tonight until tomorrow night for mot. New one on way from paddocks but retest is tomorrow
  4. Hi there- my question is basically the following: has Land Rover ever equipped some Defender originally with roll-cages? Or have they always been fitted after factory production? it is an important question for me as a French Def owner: France is changing MOT rules in May and all equipments that have been not been fitted by Land Rover themselves will be deemed illegal... Before spending £3000 in a roll cage, I’d like to make sure these cages can be found in some Land Rover Defender specs ! Thanks for your help !!
  5. So your 12-year-old Defender fails its MoT because the number-plate lamp isn't working to MoT-examiner-satisfying levels of illumination. OK, so let's be honest - it's not working at all... "Fine" you think, Simples! New-bulbs-time. Except when you try to loosen the screw that retains the lamp-cover there's a moment-of-tightness followed by a dispiritingly-crumbly sensation then the entire cover comes away in your hand to reveal that the bulb-holders - indeed, the entire contact-block and metal back-plate of the thing - have degenerated into nothing more than a pile of rust-flakes. You then remove the remains without even bothering to slacken the mounting bolts. Looks like I'll be visiting the local caravan/trailer-parts place tomorrow.
  6. Hi guys, I've come across this a few times now on verious Landy's I've been looking at and more than one has come up with what looks like "check off markings" or "highlight" markings... usualy in the form of yellow or white chalk squiggles or score lines or something like that, usualy on stuff like engine mounts, axle parts, seat belt B post, and all over the place... are these marks an MOT inspector/mechanic has put on to flag problems? is there a common practice for marking stuff amongst MOT'ers at all? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Mav
  7. Called in at my garage today to have a chat. My MoT man isnt certain, but has a feeling that my exisiting MoT may be invalidated by the Cat C write off, I'll need to get a new one, and that I might then have to have an SVA test aswell. He isn't certain though, so I need to get confirmation. If I do need an SVA, then it puts even more pressure on me to get it done....Easter is the deadline, by which she must be back on the road fully, no ifs or buts! Can anyone confirm if this is likely to be the case?
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