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Found 5 results

  1. I just thought some people might be interested in this... 53reg Discovery TD5 automatic with 18" wheels wearing BFG AT2's I recently drove from Aberdeenshire to Portsmouth, then around the Picos De Europa for a few days, then back from Portsmouth to Aberdeenshire, and (Unusually for me) I kept a note of fuel and mileage. The numbers are below. Miles litres MPG Notes 518.8 74.29 31.75 Mainly motorway cruising at 60mph (Aberdeenshire to Portsmouth) 243.2 44.78 24.69 Spain - sedate driving on mountain roads 149.1 26.34 25.73 Spain - sedate driving on mountain roads 309.6 58.82 23.93 Spain - sedate driving on mountain roads 186.0 39.25 21.54 Spain - sedate driving on mountain roads 550.8 75.40 33.20 Mainly motorway cruising at 60mph (Portsmouth to Aberdeenshire) Totals: Miles Litres Average MPG 2508.3 404.28 28.2 Other points of note about this trip: I find it interesting that the Spanish bits vary so much in fuel consumption, and also that I used less fuel coming home from Portsmouth to Aberdeenshire (since it's uphill, obviously) than I did going The engine had a mild oil leak when we set out (probably rear cam cover), and it no longer has (and yes - there IS still oil in it ) The suspension noticeably smoothed out during the trip - like maybe the shockers needed some exercise? (the car has been standing for a while before this trip) The tyres (brand new BFG AT2s) were noticeably quiet to start with, but more noisy after a few hundred miles, to the extent that I was wondering about wheel bearings) I got an XYZ warning light (M+S) once, but tazzing the stick back and forth with the ignition off cleared it I got an ACE warning once (amber) but that also cleared by turning the ignition off and on again. There were no other problems at all... All in all I had a great trip and the Disco is a wonderful touring vehicle.
  2. I have a 1995 300 TDI defender 110. Up to a few months ago I was getting 30 MPG ‘daily driving’. Sadly, the vehicle failed the MOT on emissions grounds. To cure the emissions problem I had to replace the turbo ( a vain had seized), recondition fuel injectors (they were 20-25% out), and recondition the fuel pump. At the same time I also had the engine carbon cleaned. After all this work, the increase in power was phenomenal and the emissions were virtually zero but this came at a cost — I now get 25 MPG daily driving (and I consciously keep my foot off the accelerator pedal!). I would like to get back to the 30 MPG I had (even if it means sacrificing some power). All advice welcome as I know naff all about fuel systems.
  3. As a mate was telling me I should by an econobox to replace the freebie, I ended up wondering exactly how much money I'd really save by gaining a few MPG, so I made this: Running Cost Comparer Turns out it's really not worth the expense of changing or the misery of driving something utterly soulless to save a few quid a year. There's also the Vehicle cable calculator for those who find it useful.
  4. Art'noon all, I recently changed the water pump, 'P' gasket and belt tensioner on my 300tdi 110 and, for reasons utterly unclear, my fuel economy has dropped from 30mpg to about 27mpg. I'm still doing the same route, filling up at the same BP garage, driving the same way, haven't changed the amount of weight carried, using the same tyres etc, etc, but have seen this 3mpg drop. Anyone got any ideas as to why this might be please? The 'P' gasket was changed because it had sprung a leak and got hotter than usual, but it took me a while to get the opportunity to fix it. Consequently, I was topping up the header tank before each journey. After the slight overheat, it never ran low again. Before the overheat incident and while I was constantly topping up with water, I was getting 30mpg. I do the right thing and fix the leak and I'm rewarded with 27mpg. And that, as children might day, just isn't fair . . .
  5. Hi all! I have been busy this weeks because...I have a job! (again). After more than one year of unemployment and a job in June that lasted just one week (company ceased business) now I´m working as lorry driver/delivery for a company where I worked six years ago. Company´s premises are located 40Km from home, so, I drive with my Fiat Tipo 1.4 carb. 80km per day. Good news is that two friends of mine have both low mileage Discoveries for sale. One is a three door 200 with off road preparation and the other is a five door stock 300. My Tipo is doing 7.5 litres of petrol every 100Km. I supose that, with diesel beeing cheaper than petrol, a Discovery will give me same euros/Km. How much L/100Km-MPG are normal for a Discovery used in main roads at 80-100km/h (50/60mph)? I have joined www.fuelly.com , a place where users can share and compare their MPG. They have even an App so you can upload your litres-km/gallons-milles with the phone every time you fuell up.
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