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Found 1 result

  1. Following a bit of a break from the project which culminated in the app getting so out of date that Apple removed it from the app store, I'm in the process of resurrecting the MobiSquirt App once more. For those that haven't come across it or used it before, it's an app that runs on your iPhone/iPad, connects wirelessly to your MS ECU and allows you to view live data and create log files. It's always been a free app, no adverts or anything, and will remain so. Screenshots from the older version of the app: The app was using (and still can) a WiFi connection but Microchip bought out the supplier of the (relatively) cheap development board that many people were using to connect the app to their MS ECU. They then withdrew the units from sale making the app less accessible. Some experiments were done using Arduino iOT boards such as the NodeMCU and there were some promising results but enthusiasm was waining somewhat as it seems the whole of the MegaSquirt "DIY EFi" was moving to a more commercial footing with a number of companies commercialising the hardware and B&G responding by adjusting the licenses for both hardware and software, moving away from the open source hardware idyll. As things have progressed though and with the app now forced to support iOS 8 as it's minimum version, Bluetooth (via BLE) connectivity has become cheaper and easier to implement without the outlay of going through Apple's MFI program. A typical Bluetooth interface now comes in at less than £15 (Amazon) or £8 (AliExpress) whereas the WiFi adapters we were using, which were always hard to get hold of ran to around £75. So, I've decided it's time I revisited and resurrected the project and to get the app back on the App Store. I was working on some major changes towards the end of the last iteration that changed the underlying architecture of the app. These changes also meant that on an MS1/Extra (9600 baud) the app can record up to 16 records per second, the previous app managed around 10. It also means that data can be graphed from a session or a log in a future iteration. The downside is that all the previous testing on MS1, MS!/Extra, MS2, MS2/Extra, MegaJolt etc... need revisiting and I only currently have access to MS1 and MS1/Extra ECUs to test against. Whilst MS2 and later SHOULD work, I have no way of testing this myself at the moment. Right now I'm looking for anyone interested in testing the app and getting developer release versions to test before the app is released to the App Store again. I'm using TestFlight, Apple's own test environment, which means that all I need is an email address and Apple will send you an invitation to join the TestFlight group. Once you've accepted you'll be notified whenever a new version is shipped and be able to load it on any device associated with your AppleId. Versions of the app can be installed I know there is a relatively large population of MS1/Extra users on here and, for them, the app should work "out of the box" but any feedback is always welcome. MS2/Extra users will be in the twilight zone for a short time but any feedback on what does and doesn't work would be appreciated as it will help me target any issues. MS2/Extra might work OK anyway... I'm just not confident as I sold my last MS2 ECU a while ago and don't want to upgrade one of the others at the moment. To be added to the TestFlight group, pm me here or contact me via the app web site or facebook page with your email address and (optional) your MS firmware version... https://mobisquirt.org/ https://www.facebook.com/MobiSquirt-1751680194880870/ I'm working on a manual page covering which Bluetooth module and RS232 adapter you will need and how to connect them together, it's not difficult and can even be done without soldering (4 wires between two modules). Once that's complete I'll let people know and the first test release will be made available on TestFlight that will work with the Bluetooth interface as well as the old WiFi interface.
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