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Found 1 result

  1. I'm getting ready for what will probably be my Discos swansong, an all expenses trip down the Canning Stock Route in Western Australia. The reason for this is that a mate wishes to establish a new motorized assisted bicycle ride time from Halls Creek to Wiluna. Currently someone has done this 1380 cross desert trip in 14 days, Peter (old mate) thinks he can do it in 9. His machine has 4" wide bicycle tyres, it has attached a single wheel trailer that will carry his gear, food etc and two solar panels. These panels feed/supply a pair of Ni-Cad batteries that in turn power two electric motors, on the trailer, one in the geared rear hub of the bike, a sensor on the front wheel synchronizes both motors so that they are running at the same final speed. I might add Peters is a renowned electronics engineer who was responsible among other things for the FOMOCO plug-in diagnostic units. Where I, and my trusty Disco come in is in transporting him, his bike and his "trailer" the 9000 k's from here to Halls Creek, then shadowing him down to Wiluna without assisting him in any way - other than sharing a camp fire in the evenings, if something breaks, a weld for example I'm allowed to carry the welding unit but he has to carry out the repair. Should he have broken the record then I'll be transporting him home the 8000 k's from Wiluna via Docker Ricer and Uluru to Coober Pedy and home. By then the "Old Girl" will have clocked up well over 500,000 k's of severe off road Australian desert and bush driving and it will be retired and restored.The reason for taking the Disco is the size of the roof rack 2150 x 1500 - impossible on the other 4WD with its fitted roof top tent. On our return I'm expecting that Peter will receive all due accolades and be fitted out for a new jacket with nice sleeves that tie up at the back and he can have a long rest in a nice room with quilted walls. Currently hes cycling a 1000 k's a week most of it cross country to get himself into shape, not bad or a 62 year old. As I said, for me its an all expenses paid trip, well, apart from the 5 bottles of single malt, Peters covering all the diesel and other supplied I'll need to do the trip. It should be fun, for me anyway, hes anticipating cycling 130-140 k's a day cycling for 10 hours a day so you can see I wont exactly be busting and land speed records. Remember though this is a desert track and the sand will be soft and anything up to 8" deep over the sand dunes so it will be bloody hard going --- for him ! I'll be taking lots of photos and GoPro videos so I'll post them on my return - if Peter's assembly is ready we head off the last week in June. The program is the trip to Halls Creek, allow 5 days, the Canning Stock Route allow 9-10 days, Wiluna to home allow 5 days, total around 20+ days. Departure 30th June return around the 23rd July