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Found 1 result

  1. Being a chronic sufferer of the Land Rover blight, and had a few series/defender and a very long term D2, I recently moved with 2 of them (and the wife) to Ireland, a 130 and the D2. I decided not to pay the exorbitant demands to register my D2 mainly because of the frightening level of road tax over here (see my thread on D2 Camper Conversion) and went 'Irish' car hunting. Having driven many miles and viewed a lot of rubbish I came up with this: A 2001 DHSE P38. It is already registered here (may even be a genuine Irish vehicle) and is at present taxed for 12months which gives me that breathing space. Now I never liked the P38 to look at (and I'm still not sure) but there is no denying that they are comfortable, and it all seemed to work, what could possibly go wrong! Last Friday afternoon I got a lift down to Cork and collected the car, drove it back, used it immediately that evening for an airport run and over the next few days it behaved very well. I didn't understand at first that you had to be in Park to alter the height, then I realised the doors had to be closed as well. Any malfunction or delay of the EAS during the week I put down to my confusion or my having confused the 'brain'. Looking ahead to this weekend, and our long planned trip to Scotland, I started to give the P38 a more serious once over and it has definitely been well looked after until fairly recently. In the course of changing the oil filter I found the box in picture 3 which I want to know more about, apart from that and some adaptation to the headlights the car is very original and rust free. I found the 'Offroad' setting on the suspension is great for oil changes and yesterday went out to set about the auto box, transfer box and the diffs. Well the suspension completely failed to play ball. No messages or anything but no upward movement at all. After an hour or so playing about all I succeeded in doing was dropping it onto the bump stops where it stayed. Onto the internet then and found out about EAS unlock freeware which sounded promising, couldn't get an adapter cable locally so dashed into Limerick to Maplin (how much!). After a bit of soldering I had a cable which would speak to the EAS system via the OBD port. Here's the thing no faults were on the dash until I plugged that cable in, that seemed to wake it up to the fact it was down on the bump stops. Suddenly it said 'SLOW 35MPH MAX'. After more messing about, I didn't really get anything out of the EAS unlock software (no faults at all showed) and last night I left it on its bump stops and came back in to read more on the internet. I even in desperation emailed Storey Wilson for ideas (his freeware) fair play he came back to me but apart from reassurance that the software was 64bit compliant no new ideas. Fast forward to this morning and I wake up with the revelation that I didn't install the driver for the USB adapter, that's it I thought, that's why the EASunlock software isn't working. So 7am and out to try again, no joy, either it was plug and play anyway or my EAS brain doesn't speak that lingo. Having tried again the bad news is that the error message wouldn't clear now, so if anything I am worse off!! Back onto lr4x4 and I found some advice from SimonR about disconnecting the battery and touching the cables together, good tip that. Fault cleared, its now yelling at me to set windows but I can live with that. Still flat on the stops but no message, great back to base at least. Having cycled windows and such I left it running to warm up and came in to find out more about installing Schrader valves as back up into the lines. When I went back out 30mins later it has miraculously raised itself up...... Hooray! Really big question now is what is the mystery fault and should we chance it to Scotland (plan B is the wife's Polo, which won't be quite the same!) All suggestions gratefully received.
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