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Found 1 result

  1. Due to spinal neurological issues as a result of the motor vehicle accident I had last February 13th I'm having to look to move on from my beloved Disco. Its simply a comfort thing as well as a desire to have more bang engine power wise for my buck - as it were, so I've placed an order for a VW Amarok Dual Cab Utility with the V6 3 litre engine - the one Porsche designed with the eight speed auto/paddle shift gearbox. The on road cost over here in Australia is AUD$74,500 but with all the required off road and desert touring add-ons i want fitted to it, for example a Safari Snorkel, ARB bullbar, Warne 12000 lb winch, ARB Canopy c/w roof-top tent, internal air pump, 140 litre fresh water tank, redArc dual battery system, 74 litre freezer/fridge and food storage drawers, ARB 135 litre fuel tank, Kaymar steel rear bumper bar with spare wheel and gas bottle carrier, OME 3" lift kit (see below comments on the rear suspension) and decent Bridgestone Dueller Desert off road tyres (it comes cmes with Continental road tyres ) etc.etc. the final cost will be a tad over AUD$100,000. The comfort level in the Amarok is unbelievable with the seats being heated and cooled Nappa Leather seats, they look and feel as if they belong in a Lamborghini -- but they will require sheep-skin wool covers to cope with our summer heat --- but to compensate they do have 14 position settings - with two memory settings per front seat. It has only two design faults in my experience, one is the alternator is at the lowest possible location on the engine, - well below the depth of most creek crossing water levels so I'm expecting several charging unit failures and consequently on the top of the spares list will be two rectifier and diode packs, fortunately they come in a single easily replaceable unit (once you get the alternator off the engine). The second is that despite it being built in 2017 (delivery is due March 2017) it has an antique rear suspension design with leaf springs !!!! I'm looking for a company that does a coil spring conversion with a 3" lift. The Porsche designed turbo diesel engine power is huge, 165 kW with an overboost facility taking it up to 180 kW for 15 seconds with a very flat 550Nm of torque from 1800 rpm, well over 110 Nm over the Toyota 4.2 litre V8 and this is fed through the VW/Audi designed 8 speed clutchless "auto". The rear axle has an electric lockable differential and the front works on the electronic system of the disc brake being applied to the free wheel to force drive the the driving wheel (again a LR innovation), unfortunately currently there isn't a front axle LSD or lockable differential for the Amarok as the ring gear is welded to the carrier but this will I'm sure be only temporary and some aftermarket company will come up with a fully replaceable electric locker and I'll have one fitted. It also has Down Hill Assist - again copied from Land Rover of course - which in conjunction with the low speed engine torque and auto box gives it a possible descent angle of 50* and climb angle of 45* I won't be selling the Disco, it has a few issues that need attention that I'll do and then retire it for the occasional weekend out into the bush. Maybe one day I might get a deserving grand child who will take it over and have as much enjoyment out of it as Julie and I have had, either way it stays in the family !