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Found 2 results

  1. Last year I took our 1994 Defender 110 CSW down to Rome over the alps. At the end of the long pull up hill the oil warning light flickered on. Once the engine had cooled it went off and we had no problems on the return journey to the UK (apparent from a cooked alternator!). Ihad no problems at all for the rest of the year until the warning light came on permanently preceded by a small clunk. I immediately stopped and check the oil level which was fine but appeared at the bottom of the dip stick i.e. not plasetered all over it. After stripping the engine down found that the oil pump had suffered a catastrophic failure with the outer ring failing completely and the broken remanants jamming in the timing belt case. The case is split and needs replacing and I need to check for damage to the bores etc but what I'd really like to know is what is likely to have caused total failure? Is it simply a case of it being old and worn beyond tolerance causing the teeth in the rotors to jam? Has anyone else suffered a similar problem with their 300tdi?
  2. Hi all, In August I had to replace the big end bearings on my 300TDi after it emerged that the previous owner had apparently not torqued them up, leading to them coming loose. Since then, I have enjoyed about 2500 miles (at most) of engine trouble free motoring. Unfortunately, on the way back from a pay and play day recently the oil warning light came on. I pulled over straight away, confirmed there was still plenty of oil, and got a recovery truck home. When the light came on, the engine was running quite hot (about 3/4 on the gauge, no doubt partly due to mud in the radiator) and I didn't seem to have the same amount of power as I had done on the way to the event. Just been out in it again tonight, managed about 10 miles and then the warning light starting flickering very faintly just as I pulled up at home. I've ordered a new oil pressure sensor which I will fit this weekend and take it out for another drive. I don't expect it to fix the problem at all! I suspect that either the big ends have gone again or the main bearings have gone. When I fitted the big ends, I noted that the mains were not properly torqued up, but when properly torqued I couldn't turn the engine over. Being a bit short on time, I just put them back to the torque I found them all at. If the new sensor does not fix the issue, I plan on fitting a new set of big end and main shells to try and get another couple of thousand miles out of her before changing the engine out. I don't have the money at the moment to change it, or to send the crank off to have it checked and possibly reground. My question (got there eventually) is: how much of a job is it to change the main bearings on a 300TDi? I know I don't need to remove the crank as I can slide the new shells around it, but can I access all of the nuts & bolts to remove them without having to split the engine and gearbox?
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