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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, this is my first question. I have a good mechanical working knowledge but not much experience with the 200TDI, I grew up in a petrol Series 3. I recently purchased a 1991 Land Rover Defender 90 200TDI and I plan on doing a rolling restoration on it. The vehicle has good bones but it doesn't look like there has been much maintenance done to the mechanical systems. I am currently replacing the exhaust manifold gasket and I am noticing small amounts of oil in the air filter as well as the air lines that run to the turbo charge and intake manifold from the inter cooler. Has anyone else had this issue, and is it a major point of concern? Any suggestions on repairs or what to look for would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ive just been doing up my engine bay a bit (a few days turned in to six weeks lol) ...when I took out my K&N it was quite oily ...all cleaned re K&N oiled up and back in ....fitted a new cyclone thing me bob .....But is there any thing else that could cause that besides a blocked cyclone ?????
  3. Whilst flicking through a rough scan of the old Defender Workshop Manual I noticed this oddity in the specs for the LT230 oil - I've never heard of engine oil or ATF in an LT230 yet it appears to have been Land Rover's recommendation once upon a time - presumably "just use whatever's in the gearbox" no mention of using EP90 in it at all! Anyone ever run theirs on ATF or engine oil?
  4. Hi Folks, Noticed that there is a slow but steady drip of oil coming from under our Defender - 300 Tdi Seems to be coming from as shown in the image. Normal, some seal needs replacing other helpful thoughts? Many Thanks, Simon...
  5. I've been given a number of recommendations about best engine oil and filter to use. any recommendations?
  6. Hello, I was wallowing under my 1989 110 SW 200TDi replacing the front diff input flange and seal to stop a leak there. (The axle breather is free and clear. ) Looking up I noticed the oil pressure switch is covered in, engine, oil. The oil appears to be leaking out at the switch. The switch itself works as the light on the dash seems to work as expected. So I'm thinking of ordering up a new oil pressure switch and fitting it. Is there anything else I should think about when doing this that it might be? ( I didn't get time to get a spanner on it and nip it up which I might try before replacing TBH. ) cheers, Rich T
  7. Hi there, I have a rover 3.5v8 with twin SU carbs. However the plugs seem to be fouling and causing a frequent missfire on a few cylinders. It will be fine for around 20 miles but then the plugs need cleaning again. The plugs are black and fairly oily. If anyone has any ideas I would be really grateful as this is quite an annoying issue!! I have only just put the engine into the series and started driving it. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi I have a Series III 1972 petrol 2.25. I noticed to today that the hose that comes from the breather rocker cap to the inlet has split. I've searched everywhere and I can't find a part number for this. It seems the hose is maybe 8mm at the Oil cap end and a touch bigger (10mm) at the inlet pipe side. Can anyone please help, I'm new to Land Rovers at the moment and just looking to replace some of the worn hoses/pipes and easy bits to start me off. Or do I just buy any old 3/8" car hose..? If so though, surely there is the correct part number and length and shape out there for sale? Thanks very much for any help or if anyone know the best suppliers for bits - I'm used to my MGB GT which places like Moss and the MGOC just have masses of diagrams and part numbers for every screw, hose and bolt etc making sourcing the right bits online too easy. Thanks once again and I can't wait to learn more about my new Land Rover!!
  9. Hi everyone. After rebuilding my series 2a motor (full head rebuild) and reassembly, my truck won't start. It ran well before cracking it's head and I'm stumped as to why it won't go now. I filled it with fresh fuel, checked all the leads and cleaned the plugs. Shot some oil down the bores as well just for precaution. I know the carbs getting fuel. Tried turning the motor over on the starter but that's all that happened.. No catching or sputtering. Does the occasional backfire through the exhaust and out the carb but it's very sporadic. Any thoughts? I'm stuck!
  10. Evening all. Vehicle in question is a '79 Series 3, 88". After an interesting moment today when I realised that I had very little in the way of braking force at all on the near side front wheel, I pulled over and had a quick peek at the inside of the wheel. It seems that the EP90 in the swivel has somehow made its way into the brake drum. From the drawings in the manual, I can only see one seal - a 'double lipped seal' part number RTC3510. Is this is only one that could be leaking? Are there any others I should order before I strip the whole lot down? Bearings and swivels are both good. Thanks!
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