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Found 17 results

  1. After dropping the brats at school, I stopped in front of my gate to open it, left the car idling in Neutral, and when I got in and selected Drive it made a weird "grumbling" noise and didn't go into gear. Reverse was brief and then any selection after that was a no-go. Revving it in Drive got a short hop, enough to get it moving, and then back to nothing. The oil level is good and the GEARBOX FAULT message comes up, but not every time I tried to work through diagnosis. To add insult to injury, my Nanocom won't come on when plugged in. It works on my Disco, not the P38. Any ideas, pl
  2. hi...my p38 will run for 20 mins then stops, cranks over fine, just not going. all rest is good...leaver her to cool down for a few hours, she's fine for another 20 mins.was advised to get a new crankcase sensor...did so from Atlantic British...but cannot get the old one off, just cannot access the c clip to unhook the old one from the wiring harness...have taken out the inner wheel arch,. got her raised up on ramps, but still cannot get my hands on the little bugger...dont want to bust or bend any of the pipes around there...and the tin heat shield over the exhaust has got many rusted in and
  3. A familiar problem to P38 owners. A flat battery followed by immobilisation of car. My vehicle is a 2001 P38 4.0L Petrol automatic. No previous history of electrical problems or gremlins, both key fobs working and only ever had to rest them after a key fob battery change. Then an extended period abroad resulted in a flat battery probably caused by winter temperature drop. The battery had failed while the vehicle was locked leaving the immobiliser in an armed state. Any attempt to enter or start car simply resulted in alarm initiation. First Steps 1) Recharged battery. But was no
  4. So usual problem of a 2001 P38 EKA lockout following battery drain. Vehicle did not respond to EKA procedure, any procedure no repeater lights, dash lights, not even KEY CODE LOCKOUT to an incorrect code. Fitted a new Optima battery but disconnecting and reconnecting battery resulted in dash KEY CODE LOCKOUT and a 30 minute wait, which I considered odd. Still no EKA joy and a telephone diagnosis advised that the BeCM was locked out and needed resetting. Decided to remove BeCM and send to Turner Diagnostics in Hemel Hempstead (https://www.turnerdiagnostics.com/). BeCM now been returned having b
  5. So,... I am back from the UK, new downpipe & cat is fitted, Gott's charged me a bit less in the end which was a pleasant surprise. Now i want to investigate the white 'smoke' from inside the rocker cover, first call is check and clean the crankcase breather, but with the help of the parts lad in Gott's I established that my late model doesn't have the expected external breather/cyclone fitting under the top cover???? so does it have an internal filter like some of the 2 litre and 3 litre??? The parts book nor the Gott parts computer software was any help,... anyone been there and don
  6. Well just giving 'Woodie' a service and check over before getting on the ferry Friday and as soon as I pulled into the shed I heard the exhaust blowing. B*gger! Looking underneath; It is clear that the support has rusted through (strange?) and with the weight on the flexi it has been too much for the ageing mesh and spiral. So quick rush into town but because of its age etc. no-one has any bits for it, .... getting used to that. Plan B then,.... I have welded a new bar onto the support, and employed the wonderfully titled 'Auspuff-Bandage' and a couple of big
  7. Just thought I would share this as a cautionary tale, why you shouldn't just do a bit more when you are tired and your feet are hurting but you really want to get on with the job. It all started when the Range Rover failed its DOE or MOT, mainly brakes (working well, but condition of components), but also the front right hand ball joints. I managed to source new ball joints locally (an eye watering €100 for the pair mind you!) which meant I could get on with it over the weekend. It all started reasonably well, but in common with George's 'SOUP' experience it all takes much longer tha
  8. Hi Recently acquired an arb air locker (rd 138) for a shortnose differential (p38 type) found in range rover p38, discovery 2 and later 110 from 2002 to present. Is it possible to fit a td5/puma 110/130, non abs, short nose axle on to a 90?, I'm asking this as I would like to fit the air locker onto my 90. thanks Chris
  9. Hope someone can help with this problem. Dashboard warning on my P38 that left hand side light blown. Simple job to replace but as soon as new bulb fitted that blew also. Only the side light is blowing, main beam fine. Tried two more times with new bulbs but the same result, immediately blew. Wiring, as far as I can see, looks fine and undamaged. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, B&P
  10. Hi I'm fittings a P38 Pas system on my 109" and in this Project i need to get the bolt and pitman arm of the PAS box, but the bolt is stuck. Before setting it up in a vice and applying BIG air tool forces to it or even heating it. Any tips or hints would be nice, Thanks
  11. Hi all hope you can help me out with this it's my first Range Rover and I love it it's just a bit disappointing at the moment but I will persevere. INFO : P38 4.6 1997 190k on the clock, it has LPG but I have no idea if it works correctly (multi point). I have no history on the vehicle FAULT: Thick black smoke on acceleration Slight misfire ( more prominent on deceleration)pops and bangs not to loud. After accelerating the revs drop right down 200/300 rpm sometimes stalls. New fuel Plugs look new Only one warning on dash ( fuel gauge ) I will sort out once running right. I d
  12. hi, my mums 2.5dse p38 has a problem with the climate control it says its alot hotter out side than it is thus it cools the air rather than heating it ,could this be a simple snser has moved thing or is it somthing else ??? any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. Hi People, first time posting so be gentle with me! I own a P38 2001 (X Reg) 4.6l V8 Vogue and recently took it for the engine to be de-carbonised. I was told that when they by-passed the fuel pump via the terraclean machine the engine would not start! Do we know if there is a way to trick the ecu into thinking the fuel pump is still attached? Any ideas would be appreciated! Cheers Els.
  14. Hi Recently, last week in fact, I took leave of my senses and bought a 4.0 V8 P38 running LPG on an 'R' plate (150k miles - I paid a pittance...). The beast ran fine apart from a tapping on idle which I intended to fix with a couple of cams etc. We used the car to tow from Cornwalll to Devon, did a bit of greenlaning and had a blast wondering what all the fuss was about with regards to P38's. On the way home my girlfriend and I smelt hot water so I checked the temperature, which was fine, pulled over and sure enough the pipe from the top of the radiator to the expansion tank had split. Fo
  15. Hi All, My new P38 is going well. However, i am trying to get to know it better and sort out some of the little problems..... Last night i was having a look in the fusebox (at relays 6 and 7), as the book is showing on the Hevac. The first thing that struck me was the (slight) smell of hot PCB. And the second thing that struck me was the fusebox has been changed and is almost new! Now my question is, if a very new looking fusebox is already smelling hot, what can i do to prevent the (fuse contract burning) problem before it occurs? The pollen filters have also been changed recently...
  16. Hi All I converted a Thor 4.6 (as found in P38 Range Rover) to high compression (with ported heads) and installed it into a friend's '81 Range Rover. No major issues but the following presented a few challenges: 1) Heater hoses (Jaguar hoses I had lying in the garage offered a solution); 2) Coolant return from inlet manifold to header tank required an additional connection to the header tank; 3) clean air supply ; 4) fuel supply: An external, adjustable fuel pressure regulator is used with a fuel return back to the tank. I installed a submerged fuel pump into the tank - same as what is u
  17. Range Rover P38a 2.5 DT BOSCH EDC 1.3.1 with OBDII Diag plug. 1998 Model, based UK, 69.000 miles VIN not to hand I want to be able to interrogate my EDC 1.3.1 controller. A look at this site shows someone posted MWscan460.jpg which appears to be a propriety cable and interface. ( under 300tdi EDC 1.3.1 google search) I have bought an OBDII cable and EAS cable and software solution. The car bonnet sticker does not say OBDII compliant, so I know the engine and gearbox solution will only work with petrol P38a- if I were to get one) However my P38DT is pre-OBDII even though it h
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