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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all. First topic so please be gentle. Just thought I would share my last project on 'Rosie' my 1993 200tdi Defender 90. With a 1year old in the house and potentially another one on the way I set about making Rosie a bit more child friendly and a bit safer too. Perhaps even comfortable? Some compromises definitely had to be made due to budget. Now that the work is complete I wish I had been able to find a full internal rollcage in my budget. I went with a RBL033 5SSS-B from Safety Devices. I had to buy through them as no one had stock, it was also discounted as it was a canceled order, and it was the only one I could think about affording 😅 Now some might rightly point out that I should have just gone for an external cage. There's a few reasons this wasn't an option for me: I picked up a second hand patriot roof rack which would interfere with the rollcage I didn't want any holes in the wings or roof Relocating snorkel is a pain unsure of interference with seat conversion mentioned already - not in budget This is also my first DIY project on a car and with so much new to me this was the route I thought would fit within my untested skillset. I used the fitting guide from another well known defender forum - not sure about the rules for linking to other forums so I will just say google "defender puma seat conversion" 😉 The tub insert is the Wildbear Puma tub conversion kit form fleabay. All seatbelts, reels and brackets are OEM new. Tub support brackets and fixing kits for the underside of the wheelarch are from YRM metal solutions - galvanised. Seats and mechanism second hand from ebay. 1. Remove all the seats, lap belts, brackets and tub supports. I didn't know about dissimilar metal corrosion - in for a steep learning curve 😱 Ground away the dreaded white stuff on the surface and cut back to good metal. At this point I already knew the plan was going to have to change and so started prepping the underside of the tub for re-skinning it. The only surefire way I thought I could stop future water ingress was with new 3mm sheet riveted through the wheelarch and tub insert, creating a three layer sandwich with the old original metal in between. All sealed with CT-1 Adhesive Sealant. Rivets are 6.4mm sealed end rivets. Probably overkill but I wanted to be sure. This also has the benefit of creating a composite sound deadening panel 😁 Jumping ahead slightly - first order of business was test fitting everything. 2. Test Fit Tub, Rollcage and Seats Seats arrived and this let me figure out how far back I could mount them to give as much space as possible for passangers. No worries there - the Wildbear insert can be mounted hard to the rear of the tub. This has the benefit of leaving enough clearance for the front tub support bracket. (if your front support brackets are in better condition than mine you could even leave them in place) I would have been able to re-use the existing mounting holes but in my case the extra thickness of the new 3mm skin on the underside of the wheel arch offset all the holes by the thickness of the new sheet 😢 3. Sandblast all original support brackets and paint At this point I didn't know what I would end up re-using so I just did them all. Sandblasted, red oxide, black hammerite over. I know its carp paint - at this point I hadn't done enough research but its all I had to hand (and all I could afford) 4. YRM tub support bracket prep & paint This is also the seatbelt mounting point and ties everything back to the rear crossmember. Mine arrived a bit warped. (I fixed this issue in the end by fixing to the tub first which by now was much stiffer due to the extra skin of 3mm alu sheet, tub insert and many many many rivets. The bolts I had loosely in place and tightening them up straightened the bracket. As the were galvanised I did at least use an etch primer before coating liberally in hammerite. When I'm done with everything I'll look into gravel guard and the Gwyn Lewis mudflaps for additional protection. 5. Tub re-skin 3mm Aluminium sheet cut to size, etch primer, hammerite and left to dry. I made angled spreader plates for the tub insert as well as anywhere I would need fixings. Once these are riveted in place it gives the bolts for the seats at least 6mm of aluminium. I also made sacrificial plates for any point I was going to have dissimilar metals touching. 5. Headliner repair & Insulation This is a bit of a 3D jigsaw puzzle. The headliner was gubbed and would need doing now as once the rollcage was in - access wouldn't be an option anymore. Same thing goes for insulation and sound deadening. I took the opportunity to run speaker cable down either side of the roof channel with two coils left behind the trim above the rear door for future audio upgrades. Continued below......
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