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Found 2 results

  1. Early to late 110 axle swap

    Hi not sure if this has been talked about before or not but I have an defender 110 with the drum braked Salisbury axle which has blown the diff and halfshafts due to excessive play I think. My question is are the newer 110 axles with the smaller diff housing size and disk brakes the same ratio as my old Salisbury, as I would like the higher clearance for off road. Cheers.
  2. Hi all, Pleae can you guys sanity check my diagnosis and offer a bit of advice. Had a mate call me today, his 1996 90 had made a "really bad crunching sound" while reversing out of a parking space. Several feet later he lost all drive. Engaging diff lock he was able to limp home but said there were some intersting noises from the rear axle. He just brought it around to my house and I found the following: When the handbrake is on and the rear is jacked up, both rear wheels can be turned at the same time. There is a lot of "crunchy" noises coming from the rear diff. I decided to pull one of the rear halfshafts (short one). This came out fine and I can see the end of the other halfshaft through the axle which is rotating when the rear wheel is turned. When I tried to put the halfshaft back in, something was sopping it being pushed all the was home. Using a torch, it looked like there was something in the way. With a bit of poking using a long rod, this then dissapeared with a clunk and the halfshaft went back in OK. From this I am guessing that both of the halfshafts are OK and the diff is totally shot. Does this sound plausible? If it is the diff, the good news is he has a spare! I've never replaced one of these before but assume the procedure is as follows: Drain axle. Remove both halfshafts Remove rear prop from diff flange Remove bolts and pull out the diff. Clean the case and then reassemble using the replacement unit. I'm guessing we'll need a new diff to axle case gasket, some sealant, oil and it will be wise to fit a new pinion seal to the replacement diff. Any advice would be appreciated as it looks like I'm starting work on it tomorrow morning