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Found 1 result

  1. This is something I'm contemplating doing to a 40 series Landcruiser...... I'm posting it up here because of all the groups I'm part of this group has the best bunch of thinkers I've come across and the least of the web crawler mentality where they have to be heard even if they don't know anything, or can't extrapolate lol Now to set the scene, this is about road going vehicles with a rear mounted radiator at sustained open road speed .... we all know it works on slow offroad toys. The issue is at road speed, there is a vortex behind the cab that does two bad things first it recycles the same air and there is a slight reduction in air pressure Now my idea is to open up the transmission tunnel behind the motor vertically so the air forced into the engine bay to flow above the gearbox and back to the radiator mounted at the end of the new transmission tunnel at the back of the cab, sealed to the deck and guards - The lower pressure in the deck should help draw this through from the transmission tunnel ? - will the turbulance under the vehicle destroy this flow ? - Is there a vacumn under the cab that would cause this to want to flow from the back of the cab to the underside ? - I don't think the engine heat will be an issue ? (I've done a few buggys and there are alot in competition that have a low mounted rad that draws past the engine and from below, and they work) - will the vertex in the back, flows forward towards the cab and up the back of the cab impact flow ? If I can pull this off I gain two big bonus's from an offroad perspective..... first is the fact the radiator isn't in the front pushing the bow wave of sloppy mud when you enter a bog, and second by drawing the air from the engine bay under the cab I stop all the steam from the engine and exhust when you hit a wet crossing or bog going up infront of the windscreen effecting vision The setup I'm planing on running in the 40 series is an LS1 (5.7L), running the biggest Davis Craig electic water pump and controller, with Alloy water pipe lines between the motor and radiator, and a Nissan Patrol TD42 alloy radiator (basicly the biggest radiator short of a truck one lol), I was planing on 2 x 16" radiator ducted fans (one on a manual switch and the other on the Davis Craig controller) Any thoughts... experiances....... before I carve out the floor on my 40 lol
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