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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, new to this forum. I am based in the UK...(down in the sunny south west) I own & drive a 1994 110 CSW...like everyone else it’s a love hate relationship....My 110 is pretty tidy apart from the dreaded rot fairy has taken hold of my doors. They look great outside but are being eaten from the inside out 😒 I am sure this Q? may have come up before but times move on and new outfits enter the market I’ve been researching alternatives to replacement of my doors with stock or galvanised aftermarket parts. Can I ask if anyone has 1st hand experience with fibreglass defender
  2. Hello Gents, And merry lockdown season's greetings! This is a long shot - and I apologise to admins if out of place - but probably relevant to tackling similar tasks on our Defenders and a challenge I'm sure others have faced. Whilst in the process of rebuilding my 1999 TD5, a regular vehicle check on the family 2011 Passat required the replacement of its front suspension lower arm bushes which VW call 'console bushes'. It seemed a simple enough task (for which VW wanted to charge nearly £400!) - three bolts each side (1 x 18mm head and 2 x 16mm head) through an aluminium bush bra
  3. Hi Folks, Can anybody recommend a rust converter and seam sealer? Thinking of using some to deal with a spot of rust on the bulk head and then spray over once done. Likely to use some seam sealer too to help ensure that the problem doesn't persist. Many Thanks, Simon...
  4. Hi Folks, In the process of sorting out our dashboard, wiring, etc... on Defender 300Tdi As such, can now see more clearly the bulkhead as well as some of the rust. Worst example shown in image attached and really the extent of any visible. Would be interested in some commentary with respect to how much of an issue is this and whether there is something I should do at this point while have the dashboard removed. The rust is "solid" - as in you can't poke through it. Suggestions? Many Thanks, Simon...
  5. Hi all, I have a small, rusted hole in the bulkhead, just to the inside of one of the bonnet hinges. I was going to weld it initially, but I can no longer get hold of a mig, so I'm coming up with alternative suggestions... I'm currently looking at Evo-Stik's hard & fast metal epoxy putty, and my plan is to strip all the paint and rusty metal off, apply an anti-rust solution (any recommendations?), allow that to dry, then fill the entire hole with the epoxy putty (and thereby hopefully prevent it from coming away at the edges). Conveniently enough, my 90 matches smooth white Hammerite per
  6. Hi guys and girls , this is my first post on here and I need your words of wisdom. The dreaded tin worm has hit my disco , and I am trying to source a replacement panel. I've looked a Rimmer Bros website and other online suppliers but I am not sure what you would call the panel or its part number. I've highlighted the affected area . It's just external to the boot floor , under the rear door when it's closed . I've not seen anything remotely looking like it on the net , so maybe I will have to get creative with a metal folder. Any ways any help would be gratefully received. Thanks in advan
  7. Hi all I am just in the rebuild stages on my 1984 3.5 v8 range rover classic which I think is a sd1 engine. I seem to have these strange pipes that run down the sides of each cylinder head and screw into the top of the exhaust manifold ports. I think they are something to do with emissions possibly for the American market? However the pipes on my engine are completely shot and I can't seem to find any anywhere. Does anyone know where to get them from? what they are? And can I cap them off at all if I can't get hold of the tubes? Surely someone else has had this dilemma before?! Thanks in advan
  8. When looking at my rear crossmember it was looking a bit flakey so like a kid picking a scab i had a look. 30 mins later and after a whacking with a wheel brace and attack of the angle grinder wire brush we have this. Everywhere else is solid and in good shape. So weld in a new bit? or reaplce the whole thing?
  9. Hi All, First off, I have no affiliation to this company at all. I've just used a fantastic guy who did some grit blasting for me in Horsham: Dave The Salvage Doctor www.salvagedoctor.com He's not a vehicle parts cleaner, but he did some brackets for me and I asked him to dip them in oil afterwards, but he etch primed them for me instead! Fantastic guy. Cheers, Mike
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