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Found 9 results

  1. Salisbury atb advice

    Hello all, been a bit since I posted anything. I am planning to swap the final drive out of my rear salisbury axle with the quaife atb and Ashcrofts hd halfshafts and drive flanges. If anyone has had experience doing the swap i'd like to hear your lessons learned. Hoping it will be a straight forward swap, but I haven't been in it to see if there is any other damaged internals. Having trouble locating the diff bearings I need for it. If anyone could post the part numbers I'd much appreciate it. I'd like to hear too if you think it's not worth the effort to change it up to begin with.
  2. Early to late 110 axle swap

    Hi not sure if this has been talked about before or not but I have an defender 110 with the drum braked Salisbury axle which has blown the diff and halfshafts due to excessive play I think. My question is are the newer 110 axles with the smaller diff housing size and disk brakes the same ratio as my old Salisbury, as I would like the higher clearance for off road. Cheers.
  3. Advice required. Salisbury axle backlash appears to be mostly in sun & planet gears! I finally decided to investigate the cause of backlash in my 97 110 CSW (with 150k on the clock) rear drivetrain resulting in a pronounced clonk in rear axle on taking up drive. I've replaced worn A frame bushes which had crept to one side of both arms, the ball joint seems ok, checked halfshafts, drive flanges & checked propshaft for wear or play. The backlash or play amounts to about 40 degrees on propshaft flange or about 30 degrees with one rear wheel off the ground with handbrake on. I removed the Salisbury diff pan to check and the backlash in the crown & pinion gear, this is quite small however there's much more slop in the sun/planet gear inside the diff. Now diff pan is off I'm going to measure backlash on crown wheel with a DTI and compare against workshop manual spec. Q1. Is it necessary to replace both sun & planet gears to reduce/eliminate this slop or will new thrust washers alone make a significant improvement? I already have a set of thrust washers 607168. Q2. Is Britpart sun/planet gear kit RTC4488 any good or just made of cheese? has anyone fitted them who can comment, will it also require 4 pin cross shaft?? I have genuine Timken bearings 607180/60781/60787, crush tube & shims to rebuild the Salisbury however most of the wear actually appears to be between the planet sun & gears so I think it should be fixed first otherwise the knock will remain. Q3. Is it possible to use a bearing separator & puller to remove diff carrier bearings without damage if they are ok?, can bearings be drifted on with suitable steel tube or does this require a hydraulic press? I've had a search around and it seems quite a common problem but have been unable to find much information to learn from experienced & those who have gone there before. I don't want to fit Britpart sun/planet kit if it breaks up & destroys my rear diff, genuine are very expensive. I see rebuilt Salisbury axles for sale but am unsure whether any of this is actually reconditioned properly. Mingdiesel
  4. Salisbury Backlash

    I've had a backlash in my rear end (Salisbury Diff) for a while now, as well as a solid whine above 60kp/h. Took it to a local mech who reakons I need a new crown and pinion which he was going to charge handsomely for. I came home and knocked the back plate off the diff to have a look and both the crown and pinion look in top nick. There is no free play between them. However, with the gears in neutral and hand brake off, the rear driveline has significant play from the transfer all the way down to the diff. I'm under the assumption that the free play is a result of wear in the rear axle rather than the diff itself. I've heard that the Salisbury's are close to bulletproof. Would this be a fair place to start?
  5. Hi Newbie here. Have used your forums as a non-member for a while...always good info 1995 300Tdi 110 CSW 200K miles. Last week, driving at 20mph in town traffic, suddenly lost drive...diff lock on and made it home. I thought 'drive flanges'. Over the weekend did the swivels and hubs etc (this was planned as had been due for a while...wobble at 55mph), and today got the chance to look at the rear drive. Well, the off side flange was worn...but not to the point it didn't work, and had eaten its circlip, and the near side flange wasn't too bad at all although the half shaft was protruding by an inch or so. Also excessive wheel bearing play (really really excessive). What's bothering me is that, in neutral, handbrake off, the rear propshaft spins and no movement (diff lock off). So, lifted each wheel in turn, but both wheels can spin freely! Am i right in thinking that the problem is the rear diff, and if so what? There's been no untoward signs (noises, clunking, grinding) and it happened at low speed, so not at undue stress or speed. Ive been looking at the exploded views of the salisbury axle, and cannot really see what's likely to have gone. Will be taking the inspection cover off tomorrow to see if anything is obvious...but any advice or if anyone's had similar problems, I'd be very thankful! General 'tinterweb' advice seems to be that it's easier to fit another axle (if necessary) rather than try to fix a salisbury.. is this really true? Thanks
  6. Diff woes

    Hi folks, Well, the latest little job on my 'work in progress' is the replacement of a faulty rear salisbury diff. Having not been trained as a mechanic, apart from the usual on the job Land Rover training on my 110, I am at a junction not knowing which way to turn. My problem is that I know nothing about diffs and as I need to source one before I fit it, what sort do I buy??? I have been told that you do not need a diff stretcher if you are replacing the diff if it is still in its casing??!! what does that mean? better still, what does one look like? I have seen photos on google and ebay but not sure what a diff in its casing looks like as there are so many different phots showing different angles and bolts and stuff but no photo saying 'this is a salisbury replacement diff still in its casing. Can anyone please help me by posting or emailing a photo or picture of what I should be looking for. I only want to replace the diff and not the whole axle because of the work involved (I do not have the experience). Many thanks in advance for any help. Cheers, Kev English
  7. Salisbury vs Dana60

    How similar are the Salisbury diff used by Land Rover and the american Dana60? Will lockers and r&p from a Dana fit to a Salisbury casing? Parts for Sals are becoming more and more difficult to obtain, but the Dana seems to be extreamly popular in the rock crawling scene in America, with plenty of parts available.
  8. Hopefully most of you will have seen this in the calendar or other forums, but for those that haven't... Dorset Land Rover club will be holding their open driving day on Salisbury's Tidworth driving range. It's an 'open' event so no need for membership. Just turn up on the day, no need to book. The site is vast & I doubt we'll fill it! All the info is on our home page 'Dorsetrover.co.uk' or just ask if you need to know anything.
  9. All, Can anyone point me to a replace-my-defender-110-rear-halfshaft photo tutorial please? TY