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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Folks, In the process of changing the windscreen on my 1997 Defender 110 300 Tdi Have a suspicion that the old windscreen seals were leaking and there was a stone chip that failed to be mended satisfactorily by Auto*** Ordered original parts - windscreen seal (LR056278) and new windscreen (LR042760) However, upon fitting the new seal to the windscreen, it appears that the seal is too big. See images attached. Checked that the windscreen size is correct - matched perfectly with the old one. So before making accusations that the seal is not correct and sending back to distributor, please could folk cast opinions/advice in case doing something numpty. Thanks in advance, Simon...
  2. Dear all, I've got the standard rattle in my windows, and a minor leak from my extremely tired felt seals. I'm looking to remove the windows (it's a 2001) and replace the seals. Can anyone recommend a good solution, I'm currently looking at these https://www.mudstuff.co.uk/garrison-sw-rear-window-kit.html Please could someone advise? Kind regards FF
  3. Hi Folks, In the process of changing the lock barrel on the rear door lock of my Defender 110 SW. Planning on replacing the lock seal on the refit as the original has become quite thin and tacky. The replacement door seal ordered (genuine OEM part - MXC9455) does not appear to be the correct size. The attached image shows that the holes for the retaining bolts do not match between lock body and seal. It can be stretched somewhat to fit. However, seems odd to have to do this. Thoughts? Simon...
  4. Evening all. With Donnington 4x4 show looming I'm making my shopping list. One thing I THINK I need are new door seals because I just can't get the doors to close as nicely as I want and be waterproof/draughtproof. I know draughtproof is pushing it a bit but I'm getting tired of sitting on a wet seat. I say I think I need new seals only because I've done a few changes to my truck and don't know if the problem is the doors - which I know the bottoms of both are knackered, or the hoop replacement being misaligned - which is a big chunky think now not the farty LR items, or just the seals being knackered. I actually suspect its a bit of all three. So, to my question (at last) I've noticed the seals on both doors have a solid bit inside the seal at the body curve by the handle and this is stopping me getting the doors to close tightly. Is this standard? I have already replaced the seals once, but for the life of me I will never remember if they were originals or copies. thanks for your help guys. IanB
  5. I can not find the part number for the door seal that is attached to the bottom of the top part of the door. It is the seal that fits between the top half and bottom half of the door with holes for the two bolts to attach to the bottom door. Mine need replacing and I have searched forums, google, parts lists and still can't find them. Can anybody help? Ex-MoD 90. 1986.
  6. Since my servo has started leaking I've ordered a new one (type 80), but also out of idle curiosity splashed the extra £8 on a repair kit (AEU2741), which doesn't look like it contains an awful lot, but if it gets me a spare servo sat on the shelf for £8 I'll give it a go. However, I can't see any instructions on how to use it, my RAVE manual is too new to include it, so has anyone ever actually used one and got any info on what's involved?
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