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Found 2 results

  1. Having rebuilt my 1989 CSW it is now time to get an MOT It is now a solid 200tdi with disc brakes all round. I have rebuilt the brake system with a disc braked rear axle, rebuilt callipers all round, new pipes and flexi hoses. The pedal box, servo and master cylinder are form a 300tdi vehicle, and were bought as a complete second hand unit from a breakers. Upon test driving the vehicle I was shocked at how poorly the brakes performed, and after some reading on here I found the usual crack in the front of the servo. I fitted a new TRW servo for a 300tdi defender (LR013488) this looks identical to the old one, however when fitted it simply would not cause the brake pedal to sink under pressure when the engine was started. I spent several hours messing around with this, it did seem to hold a vacuum, but I just could not get the pedal to sink when the engine was started. I eventually removed the new servo and refitted my old cracked unit with some tape over the crack to seal it up, when tested this seemed to work as it should, the pedal sank when the engine was started, and upon test driving the vehicle the brakes felt fine. (The rest of the system remained unchanged during this test, I simply swapped the new servo for my old unit) I concluded that the new servo must be faulty, and the vendor although shocked that someone had a bad TRW unit agreed to accept it back for a refund. I purchased another replacement TRW unit but upon fitting it behaves the same as the one I returned. It holds a vacuum fine. When driven, the brakes are excellent, probably the best Land Rover brakes I have ever had, the servo clearly works. HOWEVER if you hold the Brake pedal down and start the engine the pedal does not drop. (I am pressing the pedal a few time prior to starting empty the vacuum) I believe this to be an MOT failure? I am at my wits end with this the brakes are excellent now, I simply can not get the pedal to sink when it is held down while the engine is started. I have tried a second vacuum pump.and also a second new non return valve, purely out of desperation. I have tested the vacuum from the pump by putting my thumb over the end of the pipe, and it seems to suck very well. With the old (bodged with tape) servo re-fitted every thing works as expected. Is this an MOT failure? Does any one have any ideas as to what the problem could be? My set up looks the same as the one pictured here Is it possible that I have purchased and fitted the wrong servo? I only have the breakers word that my pedal box / master cylinder was from a 300TDI. The new servo looks to be the same size and shape as the one I removed. I am at my wits end with this now and any input would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Hippo
  2. Since my servo has started leaking I've ordered a new one (type 80), but also out of idle curiosity splashed the extra £8 on a repair kit (AEU2741), which doesn't look like it contains an awful lot, but if it gets me a spare servo sat on the shelf for £8 I'll give it a go. However, I can't see any instructions on how to use it, my RAVE manual is too new to include it, so has anyone ever actually used one and got any info on what's involved?
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