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Found 6 results

  1. I have a 1989 Defender 90 fitted with a 200TDi. It has been garaged for quite a while, but out of the weather and no obvious deterioration. At the last MoT it needed a new steering box which was acquired but never fitted. It must have been about 3 years since it was last started and with a fresh battery it started very easily, but the smoke, oh the volume of smoke! I let it run for a while but it showed no signs of diminishing. I've started it a few times since and with the same volume of smoke (as this is being started in a council garage in a built up area, there are limits to how long I dare leave it running!) Any thoughts? It was an engine with no issues when it was stored. Cheers Peter
  2. I tried starting my Land Rover 90 2.5 NA Ex-MOD after a winter in a cold damp garage. Turned the key to heat the glow plugs for more than 20 seconds, a smell of acrid burning and smoke started to come out behind the instrument panel. The car started but the orange light for the glow plugs does not go out and the burning behind the panel continues. Switched off the engine. Any thoughts before I remove the instrument panel?
  3. DISCOVERY 2004 TD5 - INJECTOR CLEANER - LIQUI-MOLY DIESEL PURGE - Best method of use? Hi, I recently used two 500ml cans of Diesel Purge and have great results. I had blue-ish black smoke under acceleration or heavy loading (hills etc). I was advised to give the injectors a good clean. I worked for 90% of it; I have noticed only one or two 'puff's when following the vehicle. I intend to do a third can but I would like some advice on the best usage. All advice shows that you use the cleaner as directly as possible (hose from fuel filter to fuel pump and the return hose to the fuel tank). This is appears easy on a 200 or 300 but not as straightforward on the TD5. I removed the fuel filter (for both cans) emptying out the diesel and filling with cleaner as this seems the most direct route to the injectors without being diluted in the tank. Am I correct? Can anyone advise how (if possible) to do it more directly (less dilution) or is the fuel filter method good enough? Many thanks.
  4. I know I can google this and find lots of info, mainly timing, head gasket or de-laminated hose. But mine was fine until I did the following 1. Changed oil and filter 2. Changed diesel filter 3. Bypassed the EGR So which of these caused this (am thinking the egr removal) and is this likely to clear after a few starts or a run? OR Is it just a coincidence and I have one of the faults mentioned at the start of this post?
  5. Hi Guys and Girls, I have an issue with my 05 freebie Td4 which has done 95000 miles. She is rough idling at around 750rpm and is smokey (white) when cold, does not stall but is hunting. when warmed up she runs fine, I have noticed that when I disconnect the high pressure fuel sensor she stops hunting, I have no warning lights or codes in the OBD, but my interrogator only shows a limited live stream. Will a dealer/independents OBD interrogator be able to distinguish between healthy or blocked injectors and or sensors if there are no fault codes from the ECU? I have replaced all filters including fuel, and am planning on changing oil as soon as I get the chance, so far have seen no real improvement. has anyone had a similar issue or guidance as to narrow down the problem, I am thinking injector (expensive, is it worth getting from a scrapper and do they all need to be balanced) or fuel regulator/sensor Thanks in advance
  6. Hey folks. I recently fitted a new exhaust to my landy because my old one was holy and seriously noisy, and i now have a bad running engine Its recently had a big dollar rebuild in the engine department and is running approx 9:1 ratio with oversize bore, reground crank, unleaded head etc and was running sweet as a nut until i replaced the exhaust last week. It starts on the button and settles into a rather lumpy idle and if i blip the throttle or hold it approx 1200rpm it will chug a bit of black smoke out. I feel that its overfuelling badly.. How can i fix the issue (Its stopping me from driving the truck).. is it a job for the mixture screw or is it my timing or something worse? And what would have caused the issue in the first place? I would like to find this out as its a good thing to know for future landy excursions Josh
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