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Found 1 result

  1. For a couple of weeks now I've been having starting issues... Defender 90 1993 200tdi I love my truck but I'm rapidly losing faith in the old girl. I hope you guys can help. First here's what's been happening (followed by what I've done so far): One morning I just got the dreaded 'click' from the starter solenoid and nothing else. Dash lights were normal and bright. No start. I checked the battery: 12.8v Tried again, and she started straight away. Since then the problem has become increasingly frequent and is now repeatable every time I get in, hot or cold. I turn the ignition key, wait for the glow light to go out and get a dead click from the solenoid. Try again and she'll either fire up perfectly, or click several more times until eventually the starter motor runs and she fires up. There's no pattern to the number of times I get the dead click. Battery is always fine with around 12.8v. I've check the ground connection from the battery terminals and the heavy leads to the chassis and the ends are clean. I get good continuity from a multi-meter between the -v on the battery and any point on the chassis or engine. Today I removed the starter motor (first dropping out the exhaust pipe, shroud and washer bottle for access). The cable connections all looked good and clean (I cleaned them again anyway). I took the solenoid apart as per a video I'd seen on youtube and gave the cylinder and housing a light clean and touch of oil, but really everything looked fine. There was small amount of pitting and corrosion on the cylinder but even before cleaning everything was free and not binding. The actuator arm had just a bit of resistance but nothing more than I'd expect, and the pinion gear moved out from the body as expected. Next I hooked the motor input up to 12v using some jump leads and she span fast and easily. Then I took the bearing cap and main rear cap off the starter motor. The bearing still had a little grease on and seemed fine. The motor body had some carbon 'plate' like bits in which I carefully cleaned out and the brushes all have plenty left on them and all moved freely. I was actually surprised how clean the inside was really. All carefully reassembled. Reinstalled the starter and made sure to clean the solenoid spade and connector thoroughly. Then I thought I'd test it before putting the exhaust, etc back on. She fired up perfectly for at least half a dozen times, no dead clicks. (I was pretty pleased with myself at this point!) Got to work putting the exhaust and washer bottle back on, cleaned up, then got ready for a quick drive to be extra happy....... What do you know? dead click!!!!!!!!! I've video'd what happens on starting..... Sorry its such a boring bit of footage but I don't know what else to try and don't have the means to just buy a new starter to test. Any suggestions on what I've missed or what to try next would be extremely gratefully received! Thanks everyone. Berto