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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone I have a Turner 300TDi 21L (from Disco I think) in my 1996 110 and I'm preparing to do the timing belt. I asked a supplier about a kit and they've asked me if the belt tensioner has a lip on it or not (even though I told them it's a 21L). Is there a definitive answer based on the engine code, should I ask Turners or would I need to wait till I can see it? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone just bought my 1st freelander kalarhi 2003 Is the engine got a timing chain or belt Thanks Dave
  3. Hi Everyone, I've got a 1985 Ex Mod 110 with a 2.5 NA diesel. I brought it to my mechanic last week to change the timing belt and check the valve clearances, and there are now some new issues with the engine. When he checked the clearances, he told me instead of the 0.010 of an inch the manual calls for, my clearances were all out of whack, with some gaps as large as 0.050 of an inch. After the adjustment, the engine seems to generally run more smoothly, however, I'm having the following problems: - When trying to start, the starter begins to crank but then "whines" almost as if there is no resistance on the engine. Almost as if its skipping. Before getting it back from my mechanic, the truck would instantly start if the engine was hot, now it struggles to start when it is up to running temp. - Significant amount of white smoke upon startup - When idling, there is an intermittent "chugging" sound, almost as if the engine is not getting enough air, and sounds as if it is close to stalling out. In fact on a cold start, if I don't rev the engine for a 20 seconds or so, it will stall. - Intermittent clicking/rattling from what seems to come from under the rocker cover under medium to high revs - very pronounced after a cold start during higher revs in 2nd and 3rd gear. Oddly enough the noise is non-existent doing 65 in 5th gear on the highway. The mechanic I brought this to is not a diesel mechanic, but took on the job because the engine seems "simple enough." Along with all the parts to do the timing (including the timing tool kit I'm almost positive he didn't use), I gave him the diesel Defender workshop manual and Haynes manual, so that is what he went off of to do both the timing and the valves. I' Any idea what is going on here? Thanks in advance for your help!
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