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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, Can any body advise on what the torque value should be for the bolts that secure the "Tie bar" to the bottom of the steering box? I have looked and can't seem to find anything relevant in the manuals (probably just me being dense though ). If it makes any difference this is for the Gemmer manual steering box that came originally fitted to my 90 which is of B-registration vintage. Many thanks!
  2. Hi all, Does anyone know which torque converters will fit the 4hp24? do only the 'large' type fit or will the 'medium' one go on? i am fitting a 4hp24 behind my lexus v8 and a large TC won't fit in the lexus bellhousing whereas a smaller one will! Thanks in adavance! Adam
  3. Hello from Germany. My name is Andreas and I`m driving a LR Discovery-Range Rover Hybrid, which I build for myself as Sahara-Desert-Travel-Vehicle. :-) After searching the web for hours, I decided it might be the best way, to ask other LR enthusiasts in this forum directly. The story in short words: I`ve tuned my 300tdi with a microprocessor controlled VNT turbocharger, which gives good torque at lower rpms. After having fun with the good R380 tranny, I`m going to convert it to an ZF autobox. - The good old ZF4HP22. But to match the new torque-range of the engine more efficent, I`d like to use the medium torque converter from the 3.9 / 4.0 V8 petrol engine. This TC has the code D19 or partnumber stc3600, if i`m right. Many people suggest doing this, but here starts my problem. Yes, it fits inside the 300tdi autobox bellhousing, like the original small "U17" TC, but the TC bold pattern ist slightly different (smaller, wont fit the 300tdi flexplate) and the "pilot pin" (which centers the TC in the crankshaft-flange) is also much bigger. And I think, the offset of the TC inside the bellhousing is even different. (300tdi = 18mm, V8 = 27mm - according to the 3 digit box code comparison) Is there a bold-on way to do this? I studied Dave Ashcrofts page, but found only clear informations, that the big 4.6l V8 converter will not fit and it needs the ZF4HP24 bellhousing plus an adapter kit from mdengineering (including new boss plate). But noting really specific about fitting the medium one. I think redrilling the original flexplate, machining the middle pilot pin of the TC and using some kind of 9mm spacers isn`t the answer. Or is it? Would be nice, If some can help me at this project with some informations. To illustrate the problem, here the TC differences in pictures. 1. The D19 medium V8 converter (out of a GEMS 3.9l V8 Discovery) Image is taken in the original V8 autobox, which I will not use for conversion. (wrong bellhousing and shiftpoints) 2. The U17 small original 300tdi TC (Klick for bigger image. I tried to avoid fullscreen images in the first place) Thanks a lot, Andreas
  4. Hello, all, from Nairobi. I am American recently relocated to Kenya where I bought, sight unseen, a big black 2005 Defender TD5 that my wife and kids promptly christened, "The Tank." I have been suprised by the Defender's lack of low-end torque and power, especially noticeable in rough and hilly Nairobi. More than once I have been embarrassed when forced to stop on a steep hill. Partly, I know, it's a question of driving technique--I am learning to downshift at the drop of a hat and generally thrash the engine to keep the revs up. But I would like to see what I can do to get a little more "oomph" at low RPM. I would be interested in suggestions for upgrades--ECU, intercooler, etc.--especially those proven in fairly demanding, high-altitude settings like Kenya. So far, I have found South African firm Dastek that makes a Power Plug and Power Cooler for Defender TD5 and I'd welcome feedback about the company or the products. I have found just a few references to Dastek and Terrafirma products and would love to hear some first-hand experience. Thanks and regards, Matthew
  5. Hi All, Please forgive me if there is already a topic on this - quite possible I missed it. I have a 2000 TD5 Defender and I would like to get a aftermarket ECU chip to increase power and torque output from the TD5 engine. It would be great to have some extra power so it doesn't die going up a hill or when asked to tow a trailer.... even a small improvement would be nice! I have a feeling that there maybe some issues involved with re-chipping the 2000 model? Even less sure if it cant be done or if it just means it is a more involved process! Very keen to hear if someone has managed to get some more torque out of a similarly aged TD5 and what I need to do and/or what chip I should get. I don't have the budget for a major engine rebuild so hopefully a chip replacement is possible! Reduced fuel economy is not a big issue - I would rather have the torque! Any advice on the way forward would be much appreciated. Thank you! Scott
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