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Found 4 results

  1. I got it a while back as a refurbished unit but for various reasons I've not managed to fit it yes. i set it up for testing and can't see where I'm going wrong, it's hooked up to a strong battery and connected as per the instructions. I've never usedd one before so I'm not sure what it's meant to do, the first time I fire it up after a rest it buzzez for a bit then the pump kicks in, gets faster, coughs a bit, makes some horrible noises and then dies. After that it runs horribly rough and never seems to spark. I've uploaded a couple of videos of it if anyone is feeling charitable and offering some advice that would be much apreciated https://youtu.be/XIAt_H2GgQw https://youtu.be/69_7lSl4LP4
  2. Hi Working through my webasto install and so far I've put a new washer bottle in and made a mount for the heater in the engine bay where the old one was. I'm hoping to connect up the coolant pipes later in the week and run it for a while to make sure everything's as it should be before connecting it up but I'm still deciding on how to supply fuel to it. I'd rather not tee into the main fuel line for a couple of reasons, one I might install an air heater in the future and I'd rather have a dedicated feed for both rather than tapping into the fuel line twice. The second I can't really disclose on a public forum but you can probably guess. I've seen a nice metal insert which goes into your fuel filler neck rubber hose with a long pick up that stretches into the fuel tank but unfortunately they're £70. I've attached a couple of pictures. I'd like to make something up myself and have the following options. 1. bodge - drill a small hole in the rubber filler neck and poke a flexible fuel line down from there into the tank. Tape up with self amalgamating tape 2. buy a small slimline fuel pick up (picture below) and attach it straight through the rubber filler neck hose 3. Buy a piece of metal pipe and the above fuel pick up. Attach fuel pick up to pipe and then flexible fuel hose to the other side going into the fuel tank Does anyone have any advice on whether any of those might work? I'm thinking of opting for option 2 provided there's no problem with having a flexible hose in the tank. If that's an issue it might end up just having to buy one although some of the normal fuel pick up pipes look like they're made of bendy pipe which would work well (last picture) Thanks for any advice
  3. I'm in the process of fitting a webasto heater to my 300tdi defender 110 and at the stage of moving the washer bottle. I bought an under wing bottle to replace the standard one and I've discovered that the holes for the pumps are much larger in the new bottle. I'm going to try and bodge them in today but wondered if anyone knew if there was a better solution and what would be needed to sort it. I've seen people that have used external pumps and blanked off the holes and also people that have used new pumps with a different connector. The washer bottle I bought said it came from a tdci, I'm not sure if this is the same as the td5 or if they're different. Does anyone know what pump would fit and whether there is anything else I would need. Thanks in advanceadvance
  4. Hello again. I am having some trouble with two heaters. I wanted to do a gift to my good friend from UK and the perfect gift for him it's a auxialiary heater. I found on internet a Webasto auxiliary heater (not W-bus or K-bus controlled) and I bought one. The seller ensured me it can be started with +12V on Pin1. The story is complicated, in the end i received not one but 2 Webasto. When i receive the package, my worst fears came true. One heater is BMW Thermo Top Z/C, the other one is Thermo Top C from VW. Both can be started only with the car's K-bus. The seller does not answer to my calls anymore, so i'm on my own. My question: what can i do to start the webasto? A new universal control unit is out of question, since the price is already high. Do you know a good priced second hand control unit? Or do you have any advice for me? Thank you.
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