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Found 8 results

  1. Does anyone know whether Wolf style wheels are available in 16 x 8? If not, are there any available which would accommodate a 285/75 r16 tyre (Cooper Discoverer STT)? Many thanks!
  2. I have been told that the army versions of the 300 Tdi are slightly stronger - as in more BHP - and have been build to a better quality than their civilian versions. Although I'm aware that they came usu. in 24 volt form, this claim is new to me. My questions are : 1 - is this extra power a myth ? 2 - 24 volt worth keeping ? 3 - Is there any way, apart from the rebuild plate, to trace the history of an engine ? Thanks.
  3. I believe the Land Rover XD Wolf has a centred, symmetrical pin connected to the fuel pump diaphragm on its 300tdi engine. Is that correct? Can anyone tell me the part number and where to get one? thanks.
  4. Hi I just picked up a 1998 WOLF and whilst test driving it i had no problems with the clutch although it did seem a bit 2 stage (from floor to half way did nothing, then it strung into action)......i checked the clutch fluid and it was full but very darl brown so god knows how long that had been in there. anyway, on my drive back and when i got in to traffic i found that it started getting stuck on the floor when i used it and i had to put my toe under it to spring it back up.....not easy! I've now changed the fluid and its much better and doesn't have any 2 stage feeling any more, but it does feel like it still wants to get stuck, albeit not as much Any thoughts?
  5. Can someone please advise me what the actual height of soft top Wolf XD is? I've researched a little online and in books (Haynes Enthusiasts manual specifically) and found an unladen height of 2032mm but a dealer who is selling a Rover I'm interested in is quoting me 2120mm. I'm not convinced he has bothered to actually measure the vehicle I'm looking at buying. It's an XD 90 GS with wolf rims and G90 tyres. Can someone offer me some guidance please? I'm looking at purchasing this vehicle for import into Canada and the height could be a real deal-breaker for me due to storage constraints here. If you have one of these vehicles or know someone who does I would very much appreciate your assistance. Many thanks.
  6. What's the 'recommended' method of fitting the lower edge of wolf light guards to the headlight / nose panel? Rivet the plastic clip or secure the clip with a rivnut? Do the plastic clips last - should they be replaced with something more durable? I have wolf light guards but they are going on my defender 300tdi 110 so I'm not worried about 'wolf authenticity'! I plan to use a rivnut and bolt for the top light guard hole rather than the turn-stud and flimsy metal clip -unless there is better advice!
  7. HI all, Another small hitch in my 110 soft top conversion story. I originally had a 1988 110 three door van, which I have stripped down to the chassis and am now welding in new cross member, front and rear near side outriggers. Once the welding is done, I will be rebuilding it as a king-cab ish with soft top and desert camo colours. I have managed to get the soft top sticks, side roof panels and all fitments except the strip that goes over the windscreen to secure the front of the soft top canvas. Thinking it would look good on my finished Landy, I bought a sand-coloured Wolf ECM PVC canvas from Withams. So far so good. Next thing, I need to get the windscreen strip sorted out. There is one I have seen on Fleabay for about £70, but I understand this particular strip is for the later pvc type roof with a bead running through the front canvas seam. Since mine doesnt have any bead running through it, I am not sure whether to go ahead and get it and possibly waste £70, or try to find the older style strip with the lock levers fitted. The instruction booklet that comes with the canvas shows a "Ground Plane" plate for antenna-mounting that looks like it sits between the windscreen, and the roll over bar fitted behind the driver. There is a velcro strip on the under surface of the canvas which is supposed to be secured to a corresponding velcro strip on the front edge of the ground plane. So, all you Landy experts and Officianado's, HELP!!!! Do I go for the bead type screen strip, the clamp on variety, or make up a replica ground plane plate and stick it to that?? Any advice gratefully received, Eric
  8. Can anyone familiar with a Land Rover 90/110 Wolf XD or TUL/TUM HS tell me what mileage you get to the gallon on long road/motorway runs and urban use with an unloaded vehicle? I'm curious as to how it compares to ordinary Defender 90 and 110 300tdis.
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