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We are going to be be looking for donations to keep our new site up and running and free from outside influence once and for all.

there will be a paypal account set up and a treasurer to deal.

if you'll be up for a donation can you put your hand up so when the time comes we'll let you know.

then we can post the pay pal details

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I think it would be unfair to set a 'same price' on everyone. Just pay what you are comfortable with I think would be best. Some can afford more than others, and that's ok. I don't think the amount one individual donates should be made public either. As long as people support the website with or without making a donation is ok by me anyway. This is just my personal opinion.

Finer details etc will have to be discussed as time goes by I suppose.

Tony Cordell has offered to be treasurer, and as yet there has been no final decision, I personally don't have a problem with him doing the job.

As for mods/admin - Geoff Beaumont owns this site and is at present paying for it. He is Admin, and at present I am too (by his choice) this can change if members want it to.

Moderators are invited to do the same job for the same forum on here as on LRE, again this can be changed if anyone wants it. All this is being done very quickly, so fast decisions have to be made. It can all be changed in the future if necessary. As for the data from LRE and the technical side of all thsi, then Bigfoot is the man to speak about that. If you have any other questions, then feel free to ask. Like I said, all this is happening very fast, we have to do what we think is best on the spur of the moment, so apologies if things go a bit wonky.

Les. :)

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Me too, but anything involving credit cards (presumably including Paypal) is out for me at the moment as HSBC are so stupid they have managed to issue me 3 new credit cards in the last 6 weeks, 2 of them don't work and the 3rd one is waiting in a branch in Sussex for me to pick up which is about as useful as a broken Mitsubishi :angry:

Happy to post a good old fashioned czech to somebody though :)

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Happy to contribute and Paypal is fine.... Appreciate the "no fixed" cost but a rough guide would be nice as I might get paranoid that you are talking behind my back "Tight scots git only sent 50p" :D

Need to go sort a profile I guess...

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