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Landy not starting and dash lights remaining lit

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Yesterday all was well and this morning 1998 landy 90 300tdi will not start and the solenoid on the starter motor just clicks. Earth cable and power to starter motor seem OK but on checking all fuses the 10A fuse inside the cab had blown. Replaced but now even with the key out of the ignition the warning lights remain lit (oil, battery, handbrake) and the starter motor still just clicks. Could this be a faulty ignition barrel causing both problems and how can I check if this is the case. Fortunately I have a battery isolator so am not draining the battery which is only a few months old and showing green for OK.  Any help or ideas greatly appreciated

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It sounds like the ignition barrel is faulty if the dash is lighting up without the keys in. Another option could be lose cables on the back of the ignition barrel that are shorting to a permanent 12V.

There should be a white with red stripe cable on the back of the ignition barrel, shorting this to the Brown which you will also find at the rear of the ignition barrel should turn the engine over proving the barrel is at fault. Another thing could be the immobiliser if you have one fitted but the issue here sounds more like barrel. I have attached the wiring diagram for what I believe to be your car if thats any help!

The first time I knew about my ignition barrel failing was in a Macdonald's drive-thru after I turned the engine off to place my order...



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Thanks for the diagram its very useful. This morning I took all the connections off the back of the ignition switch and when I put the battery back online from my isolator the dashboard lights still came on. Weird or what?  I have tried shorting out the wires you mentioned but nothing happens it doesn't even make the solenoid click.

Also as far as I can see there are no wires shorting out unless of course its somewhere in the loom - hopefully not


Any ideas

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Have you tried putting a jump lead from the negative terminal of the battery to the engine block just to double check the earth? Make sure all of the contacts on the battery and starter motor are clean and secure.

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Have you got a multimeter to check voltages etc? what voltage has the battery got?

Short across from the main battery incoming connection on the starter to the third small connection, the soleniod trigger connection - make sure it is out of gear first.

That should turn the engine over to confirm if the battery is healthy and also the earth side of the battery is ok.

If that cranks the engine over ok then from looking at the drawing above the only other way the ign light could get lit is through the diode (G126) so you could try disconnecting the alternator either the main brown cable or the little one and see if that changes anything.

It could be as simple as an earth fault or it could be a relay or the engine control module doing funny things.


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