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TD5 manual gear selector,,,,,part needed too!

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Some years ago I replaced the plastic cup that locates the steel ball the gear lever operates on the selectors on our TD5 manual, well I lost 1st and 2nd the other day and today took the top off the gearbox to see the cup has worn right off on the top and the steel ball/clip were rattling about!

Great I thought, quite a simple fix, then managed to snap off my bit in the grub screw.....poor bit I suspect but whatever I am a bit stuffed now, can't get it out so grub screw still in place.

I managed to winkle out the plastic cup from below and the clip/ball from above.

I fear even with rags stuffed in to catch mishaps I dod not have room to insert and press in the assembly made up with a new cup/spring in situ from underneath with my fingers so a problem.

If I cant the casting on the selector rod must be taken off to work on bench and the grub screw has a snapped of bit jammed in it so is a permanent fixture! I think again stuffing greasy rags around to catch swarf I could cut the carrier part off the linkage rod using a die grinder, I think! 

Has anyone done the job in situ or removed the carrier for the cup in this way.

I would need to source a new carrier for the cup/steel ball too...........somebody must have a duff gearbox they can take it out of?

Thought most welcome...truck stuffed until its done and then its head gasket ;0(

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