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Range Rover Classic 3.9EFI - Dash Lights Query

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Good afternoon,


I have a few of queries regarding dash lights on my 1992 3.9EFI 2-door.


As well as an on-going issues with my ABS light (documented in a separate thread on here), I have some other curious lights, and lack thereof.



1)  When I apply the handbrake, the handbrake light comes on (good), but also the light directly under this, the t'box oil temp warning light. It goes off when I release the handbrake. Is this normal? If not, what's the fix?


2)  I have no seatbelt light, should a 1992 model have a seatbelt warning light?


3)  How can I test the low engine coolant light? I've tried pushing the collar on the cap up when the car is on coil, but it doesn't light. Does the engine need to be running?


4)  Sometimes after rain when I disengage the handbrake, the handbrake light stay on until I get moving (but the oil temp light in question 1 goes out immediately)



Thanks for getting through that. Any advice appreciated.


 - Richard



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1) normal :)

2) Yes 

3) not sure on whether engine needs to be running, but doubt it. If the float falls to the bottom of the rod it should come on. Connect the two wires that connect to the cap to test if wiring is ok.

4) slightly seized handbrake caused by flash rust. Disassemble, lube up and adjust, consider replacing hand brake cable if looking old and crusty.


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