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18 hours ago, marieholm said:

Thanks for the advice. 

I just checked the parts numbers.  I have a 2.5na stw 110 with the normal lt77 and lt230 (it has a 200tdi but that should not matter right?)

Can I use the FRC8389?  it says that this is for the 300tdi / td5 models. directly available. 

the FRC8389 is for the 200tdi but has one 1 delivery time 



You need the earlier vehicle one.  I don’t know if the transmission and axles are in different relative positions on 12J (yours) and 200Tdi era vehicles, but I suspect they’re the same.  They are different positions on the later vehicles, and you’d have problems if you fit the wrong prop.  Definitely go for a prop for a pre-Defender 110, 12 or 19J engine.

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Just fit The nee prop but it looks different. 

the old ons is shorter.

in The shortest position The new one is slightly shorter than The old one in The longest position. 

I ordered The FRC8389

is it safe to fit this one?




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Great help thanks. 


I think I was confused as I now have a 200tdi defender engine which replaced the 2,5na. And because I never changed the gearboxes I presumed that the props should be the same....

Just ordered the FTC3245. 


lets hope that one fits. 


Thanks for your help (and patience....) 

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I’d say the one for the older spec would be fine, as that is the spec of the vehicle and the relative positions of your transmission and axle - the engine is irrelevant, being a modification.  Besides, LR tolerances being what they are, a centimetre difference is about the norm for how accurately the positioned engine, gearbox and suspension brackets on the chassis.

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10 minutes ago, landroversforever said:

Without looking at the details I’m sure everything up to and including the 200 had the same props :unsure: 

I’d have thought so, but don’t know for certain.  LR did change part numbers for the same part spec from time to time, though, so the different numbers could just be a reflection of that.

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Just wanted to let you know that thanks too your advise and help I fitted the new prop this week and the landy drives great. no more clunks or scary rattles. 



Many thanks!!!

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