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P38 4.6 gems misfire/ backfire

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Hi newbie and in need of help . Sounds a bit like a backfire which is most audible from the plenum 
New plugs 
New leads
New coil pack
Any help please


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I assume this is an auto?  Remove the inspection panel from the bell housing and have a close look at the sensor used to detect engine position.  Look for the sensor itself being bent.

Alternatively, turn the engine over and have a look at the pins too look for any bent or missing ones. There should be 35 pins with one missing and that gap tells the engine where TDC is.

On my GEMS, one of the pins was damaged (actually missing) and what happened was that the engine correctly identified TDC, then about 40 odd degrees later, re-identified it!

I ended up putting a new 36-1 toothed wheel and sensor behind the front crank pulley - a kit of parts is available from one of the mods on here.



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