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ZF4HP22-24 hybrid

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So I have come into possession of an 065 ZF4HP24 that was swapped out when the flex plate broke, it needs a new pump gear and bush but other than that it looks pretty good. At the moment I have a stroked 3.5 (to 4.5) running on MSII extra with the HP22 and an LT230 as well as a couple of spare HP22s. Now after pulling the 24 and one of the 22s to bits there seems to be a few different options for reassembly. First the 24 internals with the 22 output shaft, brake/clutch and governor into the 22 case with the 22 valve block and 24 front end. Alternatively it seems if I can control the electronic valve body I can almost just swap the tail shaft housing and cut down the output shaft and use a floating spud shaft. The compshift setup is well out of my budget, has anyone used the mega shift or did that project die? any other opinions or suggestions for doing this conversion?

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