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Recommend me a battery..... Please.......

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Numax  CXV35MF Sealed Leisure Battery

Twin poles and managed to start both 200 & 300 Tdi's in seriously cold weather.

The LED's draw so little amps that we use it for the "living" quarters aswell.

No need for special winch battery, can't comment on that.

We have them in 5 vehicles.


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3 hours ago, western said:

I have one of these when they were sold as BOSCH batteries by Halfords - its the same battery though.
I have had it for a 3 years on a 2.5na and a 300tdi and it has been excellent. Will get another for split charge I think soon!

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Numax, Numax, Numax!

I have one of these in my 110 & another in my Movano Van:
More than capable of winching as well as general starting etc.

You can fit two of these in the battery box.  It's tight, but they will go:
These are an amazing battery which performs every bit as well as any of the (rather more expensive) 'winch batteries'.

The thing IMHO that separates Numax from all the others is their tolerance of abuse.  There are a lot of batteries which give similar performance out of the box but they become lame much quicker by comparison.  Also, to get the same out of the box performance, you are looking at paying a good deal more.

I've used a lot of these over the years - and keep being impressed - and keep buying more for new vehicles!  I only wish they did one to fit in a D3!


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